Chabot College Student Satisfaction Survey: Fall 1997

Choosing Chabot: Reasons and Sources of Information

ChartObject Top five reasons for choosing Chabot

Reasons for choosing Chabot Important or
Very Important
Sources of information about Chabot Important or
Very Important
Class schedule fit into my schedule 89% Class schedule or other college publication 72%
Close or convenient to home 88% Family or friends 67%
Lower cost than other colleges or programs 82% High school advisor or counselor 59%
Heard that the instructors were good 82% College rep/counselor visit to my high school 51%
Had the major, course, or program I wanted 80% Chabot Web site ( 45%
Heard the academic atmosphere was good 73% Attending events on campus 39%
Heard the social atmosphere was good 58% Local newspaper 38%
Close or convenient to work 54% Local television 36%
Had the other activities I wanted 39% Local radio 29%
Friends or family attended Chabot 35% Movie theater ads 23%

ChartObject Top five sources of information about Chabot