Chabot College Student Satisfaction Survey: Fall 1997

Conflicts between studies and other pressures

The Student Satisfaction Survey was conducted in October 1997 in a representative sample of course sections. One question asked about the degree of conflict that students had between their studies and a list of pressures. The following table and charts show the percentages of full-time, part-time, and evening/Saturday-only students who experienced some conflict. Overall time pressure caused the most conflict for all three groups, and job pressures were almost as high for eve/Sat students. Job, financial, and family pressures were significant conflicts for all groups. These pressures are also cited as major reasons why students leave Chabot after one term.

How much conflict do you have between your studies and the following pressures? Full-time Part-time Eve/Sat
Overall time pressure 84% 80% 89%
Job pressures (time/schedule conflicts) 66% 70% 83%
Financial pressures (need money for college/living) 71% 60% 53%
Housing problems 30% 29% 23%
Transportation problems 36% 28% 16%
Childcare problems 13% 19% 25%
Family pressure or responsibilities 59% 56% 55%
Health or personal problems 35% 27% 22%
Childcare problems 13%
Housing problems 30%
Health/personal problems 35%
Transportation problems 36%
Family pressure/ responsibilities 59%
Job pressures 66%
Financial pressures 71%
Overall time pressure 84%
Childcare problems 19%
Health/personal problems 27%
Transportation problems 28%
Housing problems 29%
Family pressure/ responsibilities 56%
Financial pressures 60%
Job pressures 70%
Overall time pressure 80%
Transportation problems 16%
Health/personal problems 22%
Housing problems 23%
Childcare problems 25%
Financial pressures 53%
Family pressure/ responsibilities 55%
Job pressures 83%
Overall time pressure 89%

ChartObject Conflicts and other pressures: Evening/Saturday students
Percentage with some or a lot of conflict

ChartObject Conflicts and other pressures: Part-time students
Percentage with some or a lot of conflict

ChartObject Conflicts and other pressures: Full-time students
Percentage with some or a lot of conflict