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Welcome to the English Department.  We are a diverse faculty who love to teach!

Below you will find courses that meet all GE, AA, AA-T and transfer requirements.  We also offer many transferable electives.

We are also the proud home of two learning communities which have received statewide recognition:

Before enrolling in any English classes, students are strongly encouraged to take the English assessment test. Those students who assess into Basic Skills have two options.  English 101A & 101B is a two semester program that prepares students for success in reading and writing at the college level.  English 102 is a faster-paced, one-semester alternative recommended for students who are able to write clear, effective sentences and are prepared to take on challenging reading and writing tasks sooner.

The Language Arts Division also provides writing and reading support through the WRAC Center (Writing, Reading Across the Curriculum), which has:

  • a drop-in tutorial center
  • 2 computer labs
  • instructors and instructional staff to help you with your reading and writing needs.

English Department Administration

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 2/14/2018