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English 115

   Work one-on-one with a faculty member to improve the reading, reasoning, and writing skills necessary for success in college.  Work with your instructor to come up with a learning plan created just for your learning needs.   115 units are earned through time spent in the WRAC Center working on material for your 115 learning plan. Instructors can also assist with speaking, listening, and study skills required for college courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already passed English 1A. Now I'm taking English 4, History 7, and Speech.  Is 115 a good course for me?

        Yes!  You and your English instructor will tailor your Learning Plan to give you the support you need to more easily succeed in any class that requires reading and writing.  We have English 4 students who enroll in 115, as well as students taking transfer history, speech, philosophy, anthropology, political science and other courses.

I'm just starting with English 101.  Is English 115 a good course for me?

        Yes!  Students enrolled in English 101 or 102, Early Childhood Development, Administration of Justice, and ESL course say they really like the support that English 115 gives them.  Because English 115 is a tutorial, you and your instructor can develop a Learning Plan that will help you meet your learning goals.

How do I sign up for English 115?

     You can enroll in English 115 by going to the WRAC Center front desk in the library mezzanine, building 100. You can enroll in English 115 up through Week 8 of the fall and spring semester.

How many units can I earn in 115? Will I get a grade?

            115 is a variable unit, CR/NC, class. That means that you don't get a letter grade in 115, but you can get up to 3 units of credit in the class. You earn units for spending time in the WRAC Center working on your 115 Learning Plan. You can earn a half unit of credit for every 18 hours you spend in the WRAC Center working on your Learning Plan. The following chart can help you plan your time.


Total Hours

Hours/week 18 week session







1 1/2









I have eight weeks, and I want to earn 2 1/2 units. How can I figure out how many hours a week I should work in the WRAC Center on my 115 Learning Plan?

            Refer to the chart again. For 2 units, you need to spend a total of 72 hours in the WRAC Center working on your 115 Learning Plan. For a half unit, you will need an additional 18 hours. 72+18= 90 hours. If you have eight weeks left and 90 hours, you can divide 90 by 8 to see how many hours a week you should spend in the WRAC Center.  90 divided by 8 is 11.25, so if you spend 11 hours and 15 minutes a week in the WRAC Center over the remaining eight weeks, you will be able to earn 2 1/2 units.

How many units should I sign up for?

            Sign up for the maximum number of units that you want to earn and that you think you realistically can earn, given the time you have.

What if I sign up for 2 units but only earn 1?

            On our grade sheet at the end of the term, we will assign you the number of units you actually earned. If you paid for 2 units but only earned 1, you will get money back from the college. On the other hand, if you signed up for 1 unit but earned 2 , the college will bill you for that extra unit.

What if I only put in 12 hours over the term? What will my grade be?

            If you put in only 12 hours during the term, you will receive No Credit (NC) for 115. A NC in 115 in no way affects your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Can I be dropped from English 115?

            The WRAC Center and your 115 instructor will not drop you from English 115, so if you decide to drop the class, please remember that you must notify Admissions and Records.

            If you don't see your instructor regularly or if you haven't signed in for 115 for a couple of weeks, we may send you a note to remind you to come in to the WRAC Center. We appreciate, though, that students who enroll in 115 have specific learning goals, and the students can determine whether or not their goals are being met.

Other important details...

How does 115 work?

      We in the WRAC Center think of 115 as a total support course. We don't intend the course to add to your workload; instead, 115 is designed to help you succeed with the reading and writing work you will be assigned in your other college classes.

       Your 115 instructor will talk with you about your 115 goals and develop a Learning Plan with you. Since you and your instructor may want to adjust your plan throughout the term, please make an appointment to see your 115 instructor at least once every two weeks.  In some cases you may be able to make an appointment to see your instructor more often if you've spoken to your instructor about it.

How do I get to meet with my 115 instructor?

            The appointment book with the meeting times for the English 115 instructors is kept at the front desk in the WRAC Center, on the Library Mezzanine in building 100.  Please plan ahead! As the semester progresses, instructors' appointment times may become booked up to two weeks in advance. We find that it works best to schedule your next appointment as soon as you finish a session with your instructor.

What if I have to cancel an appointment with my instructor or if I have another question to ask when I am off campus?

            You can call the LC at 510-723-6920. We cannot, however, reschedule appointments over the phone. You can reschedule your appointment the next time you are in the WRAC Center.  Canceling two or more appointments may prevent future scheduling and impact your earning units for the course.

What if my 115 instructor and I think I should do some extra work on, for example, writing clear sentences How do I get such work checked?

            You can either go over the work with your instructor during one of your appointment times, or you can leave the work in your instructor's drawer at the front desk, and your instructor will check it and return it to your folder.

Are there any 115 assignments that I HAVE to do?

            You will need to work on your 115 Learning Plan. But, you and your instructor develop the Learning Plan together, so your Learning Plan will be directly related to your learning goals.

            Part of your Learning Plan will be to respond to one book that you read during the term you are enrolled in 115. You may write your response on ANY book (except a textbook) that you read. (The usual requirement in 115 is that you respond to a NON FICTION book, though if your instructor feels it appropriate, she or he may ask you to respond to a novel or a book of short stories.)  Please talk to your instructor before choosing your book.

Do you have any "tips for success"?

  • We recommend that you plan the time you will spend in the WRAC Center working on your 115 Learning Plan.  Time management is important to success in any class (and most jobs).
  • Be sure to sign in on the English 115 time sheet stapled in your folder every time you work in the WRAC Center.  It is important that you have your time sheet signed off by the student worker at the front desk at the end of each session. You also need to sign in AND out on the SARS computer.
  • We encourage you to see student tutors on a drop-in basis any time you'd like.  However, these sessions do not count as instructor appointments in your credit for 115.
  • See your instructor regularly and work with tutors. Check in even if you think you understand what you're reading or even if you think you're doing ok with another assignment.  Data that we currently are collecting is indicating that students who use the WRAC Center and English 115 on a regular basis usually succeed in their other classes.

Please visit the WRAC Center for more information on English 115!

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