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STEM Center (formerly Math Lab)

Interested in becoming a STEM Center Math Tutor?

The Math Discipline Lead trains all Chabot College math peer tutors through Tutoring 2A-D Section E02, Math Tutor Training. This half-unit course is required for all Chabot College math tutors who work in the STEM Center and/or in the LC (formerly PATH) in Room 108. This half-unit course meets for a total of nine hours over the semester.

Spring 2016 Training Dates

Location: room 1705

Time: 12:00 - 2:05 pm

On the following Fridays: Jan. 29th, Feb. 5th, Feb. 19th, and Apr. 8th

For information on becoming a peer tutor, Click Here.  Please note that only students recommended by their instructors to tutor are invited to apply.
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