renegade librarian
alter ego: kim l. morrison



Who is the Information Literate Student?
renegade librarian
"I have read your endless discussions of education. Such nonsense! They teach everything needed to succeed in the capitalist world. But do they teach the young to struggle for justice?" Howard Zinn

open road
Guided Learning
Envision the Chabot Library as a center for

independent work;
for discussion;
a place for reading-for-pleasure;
a place where study won’t be punishment.

In the Chabot library one can find the freedom
to pursue a more personalized form of education.

So look for reference research librarians that give
student friendly help by providing:

- Reference desk one-on-one instruction
- Publications/help guides—printed & online
- Online tutorials—in house & web based
- Research consultations

Library Skills via: Rap/Hip-Hop


conferences presenting @
LOEX of the West 2006
Decolonizing Methodologies & Pathologizing Practices:
Information Literacy and the Liberatory Possibility of Education

contact kim l. morrison information literacy & technology librarian w/ questions, suggestions Chabot College Library  25555 Hesperian Blvd.  Hayward. CA 94545  concrete buffalo soldier Feb. 2006