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In general, we recommend you try performing your search in one of our Library Subscription Databases first, which are available to all students, faculty, and staff at Chabot College Library. 
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Search this side for your research papers, first:


When Searching, Have in Hand . .
Web Evaluation Checklist

The search tools listed on this page have been reviewed and approved by Chabot College Library as of November 21, 2006.

Latest News:

The following search tools are now defunct: Teoma, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, Northern Light, Overture, NBCI, WebCrawler, Argus Clearinghouse, Alpha Search, Access Magazine, and many others.

Yahoo! is no longer an effective search tool for academic search, because of their current practice of including paid/sponsored listings as regular listed search engine results (with no indication that they are paid).  That is why it has been removed from our pages.  If you use it at all, we recommend you go to for searching the directory alone, or to look up your Yahoo! Email.

LookSmart has also been dropped from the list.  It has had a long standing paid inclusion requirement for .com sites to be listed. 

The metasearch engines MetaCrawler, DogPile, Profusion, and Surfwax are not listed on this page because they search paid listing search tools such as Yahoo! and Inktomi.  There is no way to take out those search tools as we have managed to do with the metsearch engines in our list, above.

For more news about the ever changing status of search engines, go to either Search Engine Watch or Search Engine Showdown

Search Engine Descriptions and How to Search the Web, and more information:

Go to the old Web Guides and Search Engines page, while we are in transition.  Eventually a lot of the information on the old page will appear here.

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