Table of Contents

Introduction Introduction Module 4 Module 4: Finding Articles
Module 1 Module 1: Starting Smart Module 5 Module 5: Using the Web
Module 2 Module 2: Choosing a Topic Module 6 Module 6: Citing Sources
Module 3 Module 3: Finding Books Appendices & Documentation

introduction Introduction

Splash Page
Get Ready... (requirements)
Organization of Searchpath
Searchpath will help

Choice Page (choose modules)

Module 1 Module 1: Starting Smart

Introduction - skills to be learned
Information Overload
Types of Sources

Selecting Sources
Starting with the Library
Starting with the Web
Thinkfast Game
End of "Starting Smart"
The Quiz

Extra: The Information Cycle

Module 2 Module 2: Choosing a Topic

Introduction - skills to be learned
Now, Get Curious!
Narrowing Your Topic

Online Indexes & Databases
The Magic of Indexing
Keyword Searching
Using Keyword Searching

Types of Databases
End of "Choosing a Topic"
The Quiz

Extra: Doing Research: An Introduction to the Concepts of Online Searching

Module 3 Module 3: Finding Books

Introduction - skills to be learned
The Process of Finding Books
Where's the Library Catalog?
About the Library Catalog
Library Catalog Book Record
Ways to Search in the Library Catalog
Words or Phrase Search
Practice Searching: Words or Phrase, Title, Author Searches
Subject Searching in the Library Catalog
Where to Find a Book
Where to Find a Book: Locations in the Library
Where to Find a Book: The Call Number and Finding it on the Shelf
Checking out a Book
Reserve Items
Your Library Account
Place a Hold on a Book that's at Las Positas or is Checked Out
What if the Item is Not in the Catalog?
End of "Finding Books"

Module 3 Module 4: Finding Articles

Introduction - skills to be learned
Popular Magazines or Scholarly Journals

Why Use a Periodical Database?
What Will a Periodical Database Do?
Two Types of Periodical Article Databases - General
Two Types of Periodical Article Databases- Subject
Where do I Find The Databases?
Your Assignment (Sample Search)
Practice Searching a Database
Reading a Citation from the Results List
Print/Email/Save Articles
Practice Searching
What if Full Text is Not Available?
Finding the Periodical That Has Your Article
What Next?
Practice Searching the Journal Portal
Have Skills That Travel
End of "Finding Articles"


module 5Module 5: Using the Web

Introduction - Skills to be learned
About the Web

To Use or Not to Use?
Locate It on the Web
Going Directly to a Site ("The Known Source")
Special Message on Database Generated URL's
Make Long URL's Manageable

Subject Directories: Commercial
Subject Directories: Library
Public WWW Sites Selected by Librarians
About Search Engines
Search Engines - Google
Metasearch Engines
Where to Begin to Search the Web
Developing a Search Strategy
Tips for Better Search Results
Refining Web Results
Reading Search Results
About "Sponsored Links"
Internet Dog
The Challenges of the Web
You Must Evaluate What You Find on the Web

Judging What You Find
Tutorial and Handouts on Evaluating Web Pages
You Be the Judge!
Web 2.0: Wikis, Especially Wikipedia
Web 2.0: Blogs
End of "Using the Web"
The Quiz


module 6Module 6: Citing Sources

Introduction - skills to be learned
Transmitting Ideas
Parts of a Citation

Citing Your Sources (style guides)
Citing Articles From Databases
The Main Page URL for Chabot Library's Databases
Plagiarism? It's Your Call (examples of plagiarism)
Five Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism
And Then There's Copyright

End of "Citing Sources"
Exit Searchpath
The Quiz


Appendices & Documentation

Terms (glossary)
Searchpath Help Topics
Resources for Librarians and Educators
Use of Searchpath
Objectives for all Modules of Searchpath
Project Development and Credits
Directory Description

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