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Orientation Request Form

The library offers course related sessions introducing users to information resources and research strategies. Please schedule your orientation early in the semester, prior to announcing it to the class or listing it on the syllabus. We need a minimum of one week's notice in order to schedule and prepare for your session. You need to be present during the orientation to enable you to enrich the session with your own thoughts.

Please complete one form for each class.

Library Orientation Request Form
Name: *
Course: *
Office Phone:*
Number of Students:*
Email Address:*
First Choice
Day of Week:*
Time (a.m./p.m.):*
Duration:* 60 minutes 75 minutes

Day of Week:
Time (a.m./p.m.):
Duration: 60 minutes 75 minutes

Your students will gain the most benefit from an orientation when it is directed towards a specific assignment and conducted approximately two weeks before the due date.

Please attach a copy of the assignment.

If you don't have one, please provide detailed answers to the following.


Research Paper
Critical/literary analysis

Assignment topics/subjects:*

Assignment Due Date:

Anything in particular (such as specific databases) during the orientation you'd like us to focus on?

You will receive a confirmation within 2 working days. If you haven't heard by then, contact Heather Hernandez ( or (510) 723-6763. You may also contact the librarian at the Reference Desk (510) 723-6764.

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