Class of 2019

Class of 2019  Student Handbook 2017-2019 

Welcome to the Class of 2019 (your graduation date) to the Chabot Nursing Program.   You will need Adobe Reader to open and view the forms. Please review and print all of the information sheets. Create a file/folder for future reference. Keep copies of all paperwork submitted to the Nursing Program office.

Kaiser Rotations Paperwork Due July 31, 2018

After N54 Review and sign the complete Kaiser Student packets. This packet will be provided by the program office with copies of immunizations. Please submit hard copies of annual PPD /symptom review, N95 and HealthStream Transcript.  Each student will complete the following test packet by 7/31.

RN Student Test Packet

Modules – Review onscreen and complete test packet above.

KP Learn Instructions

Incoming Class 2019 Fall 2018 Email Alerts

Email 19:05 SNA/Liaison Meeting 12:00 on Thursday September 20, 2018

Email 19:04: We have a nursing counselor available on Thursday for nursing room 2265.  If you need someone to discuss your current program or any difficulties in the program contact Ernest Victoria,  Chabot College offers additional assistance for student need food and clothing. Please visit those websites for information, Cal Fresh, Food Pantry and EOPS

Email 19:03  N60A and N53 are scheduled for Safety Training on Friday 08/27 8:00, Event Center. Please wear comfortable cloths.

Email 19:02  Jessica Khoury has volunteered to be your new social chairman. If you would like to be considered for this position please contact the program office or your class president.

Email: 19:01  New sweatshirts and t-shirts are available. See one of your officers for order forms.


Program Information – Reminders

The Nursing Program office is located in Room 2273, Building 2200, second floor. Contact: Catherine Gentiluomo (510) 723.6896  email: The program office is open Monday though Friday until May 31st, and Monday through Thursday during the summer months, June and July. Program questions not answered in the orientation can be emailed directly to the program director, Connie Telles, or the program office

Register for Classes:

Fall registration will be reviewed at orientation in June/July. Students must pass the background and drug screen as well as complete all required documentation to register for the nursing courses. You may register  for classes after you have been cleared by the program office.

Mandatory Orientation:

Incoming students must attend two orientations 8:00 AM in Room 3102, Building 3100, 25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545:  Directions to the campus

  • Select one: Tuesday, June 20th or Wednesday, July 19th
  • August 2nd all students will attend.


NURS 55 textbooks can be purchased as a bundle through the Chabot Bookstore. These books are used through the program. Students are required to purchase textbooks and be ready for class on August 16, 2017. Second year students will have some textbooks for sale during the August 2nd orientation.

Selected Alternates

Alternates will be notified in rank order as space becomes available until August 2, 2017.  You must return you acceptance profile with current contact information. Please review the student packet for immunization requirements.

Student Information Packet

This is the complete Student Packet. The forms must be completed, uploaded to Castle Branch and a hard copy submitted to the program office on August 2, 2017.   The individual forms are also listed below. Please print single sided. If you are unable to print contact the Nursing Program Office for a set of paperwork.

The Student packet includes