Class of 2019

Class of 2019  Student Handbook 2017-2019 

Welcome to the Class of 2019 (your graduation date) to the Chabot Nursing Program.   You will need Adobe Reader to open and view the forms. Please review and print all of the information sheets. Create a file/folder for future reference. Keep copies of all paperwork submitted to the Nursing Program office.

Incoming Class 2019 Email Alerts

Email 19:46 Congratulations for completing the first year of the nursing program. Clinical Rotations and Class schedule for Fall 2018.  Please note the class schedule will not match the classes as registered through A/R.

Email 19:45 BRN Disciplinary Meeting is Wednesday. The first year students in N51, N53 and N60A will be attending. Meet in the parking lot of the hotel at 7:30 in your Black/Gold with Khaki pants.  Worksheets and directions posted on Canvas and Blackboard

Email 19:44 Class 2019  elections: President Caitlin Jackson, Secretary Amanda Manklang joining VP Keith Owsley, Treasurer, Denise Cuasay and Project Coordinator, Jesica Des Jardins-Keens

Email 19:43 Curriculum Survey. The nursing faculty is updating our current curriculum for Fall 2020. Your input is appreciated.

Email 19:42 SNA Meeting 4/19 Cancelled Reschedule to 4/26 12:00 Room 3102

Email 19:41 Please review the attached article for professionalism.

Email 19:40 SNA/Liaison Meeting March 15 at 12:00 Room 3115

Email 19:39 Gerbi Scholarship is now open. See Scholarship Page for application and requirements

Email 19:38  Student meeting on Thursday March 8th at 12:00, discuss with graduates and second year students ways to create study groups, study effectively, and available resources

Email 19:36 Congratulations to the new SNA Officers President: JoJo deOcampo, VP: Keith Owsley, Treasurer: Denise Cuasay, Secretary: TBA, Project Coordinator/Social Director: Jesica Des Jardins-Keene

Email 19:35/27 We have several nursing scholarships available and closing in early March. If you qualify please apply. See nursing website for application requirements and applications.

Email 19:34   Welcome back to Spring 2018. First order of business for spring is to elect your SNA Class officers.  Description of duties and SNA By Laws are posted on the bulleting board.  You can nominate yourself or others for the 6 positions available. The group of students will help organize your class for your graduation ceremony ” Pinning” and be your liaison to the faculty. Nominations will be accepted through Monday, February 5th at Noon. Ballots will be prepared and the class will vote on Thursday, February 8th after N88.

Important Dates for Spring: Feb 1, 2018: Flex Day, No lectures are scheduled at this time; Feb 16, & 19, 2018: President Days Holidays; March 16, 2018:  End of 9 week rotation; March 26 – March 30, 2018: Spring Break; April 16th 8:00 AM: 1st year meeting with Program Director; May 23rd: Pinning Rehearsal and May 24th:  Pinning

Email 19:33 Flu Symptoms Guideline for attending class and clinical

Email 19:32: COADN Directors Scholarship $1000. Apply by March 15, 2018 5PM. Application is posted on bulletin boards.

Email 19:31: Congratulations for completing your first semester of the Chabot Nursing Program. You are now qualified to be a Certified Nurse Assistant(CNA). If you are interested please complete the application and LiveScan; submit those forms to the program office for a letter from the director by February 15, 2018

Email 19:30 All students are required to remediate after taking the Kaplan exams. This allows you to learn from the test to preparation for your final licensing (NCLEX) exam.

Email 19:29 Survey Links were distributed for end of the semester review. Please completed one for each rotation and submit final page as your TICKET to your final.

Email 19:28 Spring 2018 Rotations have been posted. Please register for your Spring 2018 classes. N88L, those assigned to N51/N52 will register for Monday, N60A/N53 will register for Thursday. Paperwork for your clinical rotation will be available in N55.  Complete and return to the program office by December 11, 2017.

Email 19:27 Liaison meeting minutes have been posted and emailed for your review.

email 19:26 SNA/Liaison Meeting Thursday 11/16 12:00 Room 3102

Email 19:26 Mandatory Meeting with the program director at 11:30 Room 3115

Email 19:25 Days of Darkness Walk/Run with 2nd year students.

Email 19:24 Skills Lab will be closed on 11/7 Tuesday until 1:30.

Email 19:23 Chabot Days of Service Listing, volunteer today

Email 19:22 Skills Lab Video Links, see N55 Blackboard

Email 19:21 SNA Resource Links form 2nd year students. See bulletin board.

Email 19:20 Nurse to Patient Etiquette Article Nursing 2017 October Issue. Article on N55 Blackboard

Email 19:19 CSUEB Roadmap to BSN October 2, 2017 Room 3115 4:30 PM

Email 19:18 Liaison and SNA Meeting Thursday, September 21, 2017 12:00 Room 3102. If you have any program concerns or needs some assistance with program studying, groups, skills please share this at the Liaison meeting.

Email 19:17   Please review the Uniform of the Day. Uniform policy was created for Chabot Nursing Students to present a professional appearance when representing the program on or off campus.

Email 19:16  Flu Vaccination is now available. Check with your clinical instructor to see if the hospital will be administering the vaccination. If not please contact the Chabot Health Center for your vaccination Due October 31, 2017 . Please submit the completed forms to your clinical instructor.

Email 19:15  There will not be a CPI Class on Friday August 25, 2017. This course has been cancelled. NURS 80 Test Taking Skills begins tomorrow. This is an important class to teach you how to effectively answer test questions; true/false, multiple choice, all of the above and  multiple/multiple. This is a short 3 week course and strongly recommended for all incoming students.  You must be registered to attend this course. CRN 22879 Thursday 1:30 – 4:20

Email: 19;14 Pictures will be taken for your clinical rotation today.

Email 19:13 Instructors will be using both Blackboard and Canvas this semester. Look for notification from the instructor on which platform for each class.

Email 19:12  The BlackBoard site for Nursing 55 has been made available. Please check the site for course information and the syllabus. The first class will be on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 starting at 0800.  Parking permits are required. Order your permit through Class-Web. Daily parking is $2.

Email 19:11 N55 Bundle purchased from the bookstore should be short one book. Inside is a CARD to register for the book to be mailed to you directly. E book is available upon purchase.

Email 19:10  The final mandatory orientation is tomorrow 8:00 in Room 2252, Building 2200, 2nd floor (right in front of the building 3100J)  Program expectations, Kaplan Review, Skills Lab Overview, Nursing Student Handbook Review are just some of the highlights!  Class of 2018 will be providing lunch.

  •  Paperwork: Please review your paperwork. Submit with the Checklist (cover) page you were given at orientation in the order on the list please. There will be a folder with your name on it to put in this packet of information. I do not need fancy folders, covers or anything else just the checklist and the required documentation forms.
  • Skills Kit/Patch: Your skills lab kit is available in the Chabot Bookstore. You MUST have your nursing acceptance letter with you to purchase the kit or patch. Your nursing program patch for your uniform is also available behind the cashier, ASK for them,  limit 4 patches per student.  
  • Name Tags: Wear your current name tag. This name tag will be worn at all times during the first three weeks of the semester.  New hospital name tags will be ordered from the Class of 2018. Cost is $10 each recommended you purchase 2 tags.  Please have CASH available to make this purchase.  After orientation, you may also go to building 700 and get your Chabot Student Picture ID with Nursing Student noted.
  •  Sweatshirts and Uniforms: The Class of 2018 is selling Nursing Program Sweatshirts for $50 each. A raffle will also be available for a Basket of Nursing Must Haves!   They will also review what to buy and where the best place to purchase your white/ceil blue scrubs. They will be having a Gently Used Uniform and Book sale for a very discounted price (first come, first served on these articles).

Email 19:09 Hospital Assignments   All shift except Eden as AM shifts. Shifts are 51/2 hours. Pre/Post Conference set by the clinical instructor. Parking as per information given during hospital orientation. Uniforms will be all WHITE on clinical days. Client Review day student should be in polo/khaki and lab coat with nametag and patches.

Email 19:08 Correct Textbook Edition…Mosby’s Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference purchase the 13th Edition

Email 19:07 Orientation Reminder. If you did not attend on 6/20 you must attend on 7/19. 8:00 Room 3116, Building 3100. August 2nd is the final orientation. All paperwork is due. Complete your HealthStream, immunizations, N95 etc. Checklist was handed out at orientation.    Class of 2018 will be selling sweatshirts. Cost $50 each.  They will also be selling hospital name tages at $10 each.  You should purchase two. Cash or money order only. NO personal checks.

Email 19:6: HealthStream – Passwords have been entered see email for pattern and instructions. Effective July 1, 2017. Four modules should be completed by August 2, 2017. Submit your TRANSCRIPT with paperwork.

Email 19:5 Textbook List for Fall 2017

Email 19:4 Orientation Reminder. First Orientation if June 20, next on July 19th. The entire class will then meet together on August 2, 2017

Email 19:3 Name Change for St. Rose Occupation Health Clinic, same location and phone number. Known as CCCMA

Email 19:2 Register NowThis is a two year program. You must register for all Fall 2017 classes list attached.  Every course must be completed with a 73% “C” or better in each course in order to progress in the Nursing Program*.  This is a fulltime program, classes require concurrent enrollment in all classes. Enroll in Nursing 55 FIRST. Each section allows only 8 students in each section. The section does NOT coincide with your hospital assignments. Those assignments will be made in July or August. Students will be notified by the instructor.  Classes are taught in one cohort. All classes must be taken during the times offered. 

Email 19:1 Polo Shirt Order is Due June 13, 2017. Please mail your payment with order form to Chabot College, Nursing Program Room 2273, 25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545.  Money Order or cashier check please.

Email 19:0 Test message to the class via zonemail.

5/12/2017:  Correction to the 2017-2018 Calendar in your Student Packet Below. It has been corrected in the packet. Please mark your calendars for important deadline and school holidays.  Also verification of first orientation is June 20th. Room 3102 in building 3100.

Program Information – Reminders

The Nursing Program office is located in Room 2273, Building 2200, second floor. Contact: Catherine Gentiluomo (510) 723.6896  email: The program office is open Monday though Friday until May 31st, and Monday through Thursday during the summer months, June and July. Program questions not answered in the orientation can be emailed directly to the program director, Connie Telles, or the program office

Register for Classes:

Fall registration will be reviewed at orientation in June/July. Students must pass the background and drug screen as well as complete all required documentation to register for the nursing courses. You may register  for classes after you have been cleared by the program office.

Mandatory Orientation:

Incoming students must attend two orientations 8:00 AM in Room 3102, Building 3100, 25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545:  Directions to the campus

  • Select one: Tuesday, June 20th or Wednesday, July 19th
  • August 2nd all students will attend.


NURS 55 textbooks can be purchased as a bundle through the Chabot Bookstore. These books are used through the program. Students are required to purchase textbooks and be ready for class on August 16, 2017. Second year students will have some textbooks for sale during the August 2nd orientation.

Selected Alternates

Alternates will be notified in rank order as space becomes available until August 2, 2017.  You must return you acceptance profile with current contact information. Please review the student packet for immunization requirements.

Student Information Packet

This is the complete Student Packet. The forms must be completed, uploaded to Castle Branch and a hard copy submitted to the program office on August 2, 2017.   The individual forms are also listed below. Please print single sided. If you are unable to print contact the Nursing Program Office for a set of paperwork.

The Student packet includes