Class of 2018

 Student Handbook Class of 2018: 2016_18_Studenthandbook_final

Welcome to the Class of 2018 (your graduation date) to the Chabot Nursing Program.   You will need Adobe Reader to open and view the forms. Please review and print all of the information sheets. Create a file/folder for future reference. When you submit any paperwork to the nursing program please make a copy of the completed form for your file.

We look forward to being part of your nursing education. Connie Telles, DNP, CNE, RNC-OB, Nursing Program Director

Email Spring 2018

Email 18:44 The is a BRN disciplinary Meeting on Wednesday May 9th. This is optional for 2nd year students. Check your emails for directions and worksheets.

Email 18:43 Pinning Program attached, please review and verify your name is spelling correctly. The class needs to determine their speakers and music for slide show, entrance and exit.

Email 18:42 Curriculum Survey: We are updating the curriculum for Fall 2020. Your input is appreciated.

Email 18:41 Please  review the article on professionalism in and outside of work.

Email 18:40 You can now register for your NCLEX exam. The fee is $300 due at the time of registration. Submit a copy of the LiveScan report generated. Transcripts will be submitted as a group via the Cloud in mid June.

Email 18:39 CSU Dominquez Hills would like to set up a Zoom Conference  Notify the program office if you are interested

Email 18:38 Survey for N60B links have been email to the class. Please see BlackBoard for the link if you did not receive the email. This is your passport to the final. Print the final page of the survey when completed. All survey answers are confidential. The system only tracks the number of surveys not the individual.

Email 18:37 The BRN has approved an increase in the NCLEX testing fee.  The fee has increased to $300 which must be paid at the time you register for the test.

Email 18:36 Graduation pins and sash orders are due April 10, 2018. See bulletin board for order form. Your class will be paying for the basic gold plated pin and $15 for a standard sash. Only submit an order form if you wish to order a different pin or the Chabot Nursing Program sash. Payment is due at the time of the order.

Email 18:35 SNA/Liaison Meeting on March 15, 2018 Room 3115 12:00

Email 18:34 Gerbi Scholarship is now open. See Scholarship page for link to application and requirements.

Email 18:33 Online  ADN-BSN program is being offered by California State University  at Dominguez Hills.

Email 18:32  LiveScan services for your NCLEX exam will be offered on April 16. See link on email to sign up.

Email 18:30/31 We have three scholarships available to nursing students. Please check the website for information.

Email 18:29 Meeting with Program Director 8:30 on Thursday b/4 N70B

Email 18:28 Doodle to respond to Gold Touch LiveScan

Email 18:27 First SNA/Liaison Meeting is January 25, 2018.  Important Spring dates are posted. Feb 1, Flex Day, no lectures; Feb 15: 8:30 Rm 3115 NCLEX Review and meeting with the program director to discuss program issues; Feb 16 &19th President Holidays. March 16 – 30 Spring Break; May 23rd Pinning Rehearsal and May 24th Pinning.

Email 18:26 Your semester and final Kaplan payment $135 is due January 16, 2018. Look for email from Kaplan with directions.

Email18:25 Flu Symptoms: Guidelines for attending class or clinical.

Email 18:24 COADN Directors Scholarship. $10000 Deadline March 1, 2018. Application is posted on bulletin board.

Email 18:23 New Grad Program at Sutter Health. Check bulletin board for information

Email 18:22 All students are required to completed remediation after Kaplan testing. The director will be reviewing the student list first day of school in Spring.

Email 18:21 Suvery Links were distributed. Check Blackboard or Canvas for your links.

Email 18:20 Spring Rotations have been posted. If you are assigned to Kaiser please stop by the program office to pick up your packet. Instruction for modules are listed below.

Email 18:19 SNA/Liaison Meeting November 16, 2017 Room 3102 12:00.

Email 18: 18 If you are applying for CSUEB transition ADN to BSN please contact Jane Church to review your coursework.

Email 18:17 Mandatory meeting with the program director on Monday 11/20 1:30 Room 3102

Email 18:16: Liaison / SNA Meeting Thursday 12:00 Room 3102

Email 18:15 Skills lab will be closed on this 11/7 Tuesday until 1:30

Email 18:14 Chabot Days of Service Listing. Volunteer today.

Email 18:13 Survey for end of your 9 week cohorts. Please see Canvas for links or check your email,.

Email 18:12 Applying to ADN-BSN Program. Jane Church will be available On Monday 10/30 and again on 11/06 to help you with the application. Please contact her via email for an appointment

Email 18:11 See your Canvas for link to skills lab videos

Email 18:10 Nurse to Patient, Nursing 2017, October Issue. Nursing Article from Director

Email 18:09 CSUEB Roadmap to BSN October 2, 2017 4:30 Room 3115

Email 18:08 Liaison Meeting and SNA Meeting are scheduled for Thursday, September 21, 2017 Room 3102, 12:00. Bring a lunch.

Email 18:07: Please review the Uniform of the Day. Uniform policy was created for Chabot Nursing Students to present a professional appearance when representing the program on or off campus.

Email 18:06 Flu Vaccination is now available. Check with your clinical instructor to see if the hospital will be administering the vaccination. If not please contact the Chabot Health Center for your vaccination Due October 15, 2017 prior to 9 week rotation change.  Flu forms are available on the bulletin boards.

Email 18:05  CSUEB is continuing to offer ADN-BSN Program. For current information please see their website.  The Roadmap and additional information can also be found on our website.  You will be notified if we can arrange for a presentation to the class in early September.

Email 18:04  Chabot has switch some classes to Canvas but some instructors are still using BB. Look for email from instructor about which platform to check for syllabus and scheduled meetings.

Email 18:03 N54 begins on August 1st. Check Canvas for time and syllabus. You must be registered to attend

Email 18:02 see Kaiser module information above.

Kaiser Rotation Modules

Kaiser Forms must be completed and submitted in order to Kaiser. A printed packet is available in the program office.  The program office will print a set of your immunizations, BLS card and background/drug screen letter.

Student Packet

Hepatitis B Form

San Leandro Parking Map

Please complete the following modules and tests. Submit the completed TEST with your KP Learn Certificates for the last these modules unless you are able to complete those online.

Preventing Central Line Infections & Catheter Associated UTI

Preventing Health Care Acquired Infections

Preventing Surgical Site Infections

In Addition you need to complete these modules and tests

Regional RN Blood Product Administration

Fall Prevention

Patient Restraints RN

Email 18:01: N54 please register for summer class now.


Program Information

The Nursing Program office is located in Room 2273, Building 2200, second floor. Contact: Catherine Gentiluomo (510) 723.6896  email: The program office is open Monday though Friday until May 31st, and Monday through Thursday during the summer months, June and July. Program questions not answered in the orientation can be emailed directly to the program director, Connie Telles, or the program office

Register for Classes:

Fall registration will be reviewed at orientation in June/July. Students must pass the background and drug screen as well as complete all required documentation to register for the nursing courses. You may register after June 24, 2016.

Mandatory Orientation:

Incoming students must attend two orientations 8:00 AM in Room 3102, Building 3100, 25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545:  Directions to the campus

  • Select one: June 21st or July 19th
  • August 1st all students will attend.

Textbooks: NURS 55 textbooks can be purchased as a bundle through the Chabot Bookstore. These books are used through the program. Students are required to purchase textbooks and be ready for class on August 17, 2016. Second year students will have some textbooks for sale during the August 1st orientation.

Student Information Packet

5/18/2016: The packet has been updated with name change for Certified Background to CastleBranch.

This is the complete Student Packet. The forms must be completed and submitted to the program office on August 1, 2016. The student must also upload copies to Certified Background.  The individual forms are also listed below. Please print single sided.

The Student packet includes

  • Nursing Checklist Page 3
  • Hot Sheet Reminders Page 4
  • HealthCare Provider BLS Course Registration Page 5
  • Background an Drug Screen Instructions Page 6-9
  • Medical Forms and instructions Page 10
    • Medical Report Page 12
    • Annual Symptom Review Page 14
    • N95 St. Rose Page 15
    • N95 Stanford ValleyCare Page 15
  • Kaplan Instructions Page 17
  • HealthStream Instructions Page 18
  • Simulation Center Confidentiality Agreement Page 20
  • Nursing 55 Release Form page 21
  • Uniform, Polo Shirt Order form page 22
  • Fall2016 Nursing Program Supply Kit List Page 23
  • Basic Math Worksheet Page 24
  • Suffixes and Prefixes Page 26-27
  • Academic Calendar Page 28
  • Open House Flyer Page 29