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Send an Email Using Blackboard

Many instructors allow students to use the "Send Email" tool in Blackboard to send an external email to their instructor or fellow classmates.

Video: How to Send an email from within Blackboard using the "Send Email" tool

How to send an email from within Blackboard using the "Send Email" tool

  • Click Communication (in the Course Menu).

  • Click Send Email (in Communication).
  • You will now see some options to choose for your email. The most commonly used options are All Instructor Users (which sends the email to the instructor/instructors of your class/classes) and Single/Select Users (which allows you to choose which users receive your email).

  • Once you have clicked on your preferred option, you can select whom you would like to receive your message.

  • After selecting each recipient, click the > arrow to add the recipient. Repeat this for each user you want to add.

  • The next screen will provide a text box for you to type your email message.

  • Optional: To add an attachment, click the Add button (under Add Attachments) and click Browse to locate and select your file.

  • Remember to provide a subject for your email and your full name (as it these are not automatically provided). Your email address will automatically be provided to the recipient. Providing a clear subject line that includes the course number will help your instructor find your email if it goes into a junk mail folder.

  • Click Submit to send your email.

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