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Many instructors use the Blackboard Assignment tool. This tool is indicated by a link named "View/Complete Assignment."

Video: Submitting an Assignment


Instructions for using the Assignment Tool

Follow the steps below in order to submit an assignment** in Blackboard:
  • Once in the course site, click on the name of the assignment that you wish to complete (this can be located in a folder or other area designated by your instructor).
  • Under the assignment name, click on View/Complete Assignment: Name of Assignment to access the Assignment submission area (this will include the specific Assignment name). Your instructor may have provided you with specific instructions for submission.
  • To submit, enter a comment in the Comments box (your instructor may also ask you to copy and paste your assignment in this text box).

  • To attach your file, click the Browse button (under Attach local file). This will allow you to locate and select your file.

  • Once your file is selected, click Open.

  • After you have attached your file and typed a comment, you have two options:

  • You can click Submit to submit your Assignment to the instructor.
  • You can click Save to save your Assignment to send at a later time (note that the instructor will not receive the file until you click Submit).

Your instructor may ask you to save your file in Rich Text Format or "RTF." Follow the instructions below to save a file in Rich Text Format:

**Note: Your instructor may use Assignments called Safe Assignments. These are very similar to Assignments and are submitted in the same way. The only difference is that submitted files are scanned for plagiarized material.

Also, if you were using Blackboard prior to Summer 2010, your instructor may have asked you to use the Digital Dropbox feature to submit assignments. The new version of Blackboard no longer uses the Digital Dropbox, however.

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