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Fast Track to College Algebra: Chabot College Pilot Program—Fall 2018

What is the program?
FAST TRACK through College Algebra is a program that lets you complete your math requirement for transfer to a university without first completing MTH 55, a non-transferable course. Instead, you will take a corequisite course, MTH 31C, which will fill in the prerequisite topics as they are needed in transferable MTH 31, College Algebra, which meets the prerequisite to MTH 15, Business Calculus.

What’s required?
You must enroll in both MTH 31-001 and MTH 31C-001. Total class hours are MTuWTh 10:30–11:45a. You will be expected to devote at least 12 hours or more per week to homework and studying outside of class. You are advised to allocate 15 hours per week outside of class at the beginning and adjust as the semester progresses.

Who qualifies for the program?
Students who have completed Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3 in high school (or equivalent) with grades C or higher. If a year or more has passed since the last time you took algebra or precalculus and/or if you earn only a C in those classes, be advised that you will likely have to put in more effort than what’s already required, at least in the beginning of the semester while you get into math again. You are advised to review basic algebra before the start of Fall 2018. See suggestions.

How can I apply?
Apply for the program for Fall 2018. Then come to class at 10:30a in Room 1758 at your next opportunity. We meet Monday through Thursday. We will respond to your application within 24 hours by email, so make sure that you include in your application an email address that you read frequently.

If you have questions, email Mr. Ho at mho@chabotcollege.edu.


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