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Current Status of Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes
Program-Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) by Division
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Committee Chair
Julie Coan
Dental Hygiene

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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Schedule Progress

Program Submitted?
Administration of Justice
Anthropology Yes
Architecture Yes
Art Yes
Art History Yes
Astronomy Yes
Auto (BMW) Yes
Automotive Tech Yes
Biology Yes
Business Yes
Chemistry Yes
Communication Studies/Forensics Yes
Computer Science Yes
Dental Hygiene Yes
Digital Media Yes
Economics Yes
Electronics Systems Tech Yes
Engineering Yes
English Yes
English as a Second Language Yes
Ethnic Studies
Fire Tech
General Studies
Geography Yes
Health Yes
History Yes
Humanities Yes
Interior Design Yes
Journalism Yes
Learning Connection Yes
Liberal Studies
Library/Information Literacy Yes
Machine Tool Tech
Mass Communications Yes
Mathematics Yes
Medical Assisting Yes
Music Yes
Nursing Yes
Nutrition Yes
PE Aquatics Yes
PE Coaching
PE Dance Yes
PE Disabled Yes
PE Fitness Yes
PE Fitness Instructor
PE Individual Sports Yes
PE Intercollegiate Sports Yes
PE Martial Arts Yes
PE Sports Injury Care
PE Team Sports Yes
Philosophy Yes
Physical Education
Political Science Yes
Psych Counsel Yes
Psychology Yes
Radio and TV Yes
Real Estate Yes
Recreational and Rehab Therapies
Religious Studies Yes
Sign Language Yes
Sociology Yes
Theater Arts
World Languages Yes
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