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Current Status of Assessment

College Wide Learning Goals (CWLGs)
Program-Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Course-Level Outcomes (CLOs) by Division
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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Cycle (SLOAC)

SLOA Cycle Checklist

1.  Write the CLOs and rubrics for all courses that need them

2.  Write or review your program's CLO assessment schedules

All courses must be assessed by Fall 2011 and reflected upon with the closing the loop form submitted, by Spring 2012

3.  Write PLOs and map them to CLOs, using the PLO curriculum matrix form

4.  Record you discussions of assessment and learning

  • Record assessment scores of students and place them in eLumen
  • Open the class achievements report in eLumen to review the scores for the section and the course
  • Discuss the results with colleagues
  • If you have completed a CLO assessment plan which is optional, you have set internal standards of student achievement.  If you have not, you will have an opportunity to do so on the CLO closing the loop form
  • Use the CLO closing the loop form to record standards and what changes if any will take place in an attempt to enhance learning

5.  Later, record the distillations of these discussions and changes in your program review documents.

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