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Current Status of Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes
Program-Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) by Division
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Dental Hygiene

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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Cycle (SLOAC)


To Use eLumen, You must have an account and a password.

Only need an account?

Contact Robert Yest:

Need any other help, such as correcting CLOs, or using the online forms?

Please contact your division SLOAC representative.

What is eLumen?

eLumen is a software database designed to allow us to consistently and accurately document what students are actually learning and doing at Chabot. Unlike grades, assessing outcomes and using eLumen provides us with a broader view of student learning as it relates to the competencies and Institutional Learning Outcomes Chabot has established as the necessary skills and abilities students need to succeed as they pursue their educational and career goals.

eLumen Instructions:

Flex Day April 30, 2013 eLumen Changes

All Faculty, please do not attempt to enter or revise your CLOs and rubrics in eLumen.  Effective May 2013, please email all new CLOs and changes to current CLOs to your discipline SLO coordinator.  If you have questions about this change please contact the Learning Assessment Coordinator - Carey Kopay at

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