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Flex Day: April 30, 2013

8:30 - 9:00

Continental Breakfast, bottom and top floors of Building 500
Coffee, hot tea and pastries outside Performing Arts Center

9:00-11:30 Workshops
  Stage 1 (formerly Little Theater) "Into the Fire": docudrama created and performed by hadtobe productions; a special event created to dramatize the effects of war/military service on service men/women.

Into the Fire is a play written and performed by Anthony Curry and Carrie Gibson. It is an exploration of our returning vets with disabilities and combat related trauma and their stories as they integrate into their families, communities, educational institutions and the workforce. The actor/playwrights will recreate the stories of both male and female Veterans who have returned from Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Humor and music will be interspersed throughout the play allowing the participants to digest and process these powerful stories. The workshop is designed to create awareness, empathy, and new ways to respond to veterans as they rejoin our workforce and communities. Following the play, the actor/playwrights will facilitate an interactive discussion with the participants using their emotional reactions to the play as a springboard to examine the effects of war on their communities and ways to create meaningful opportunities for our returning veterans. Chabot has 244 currently enrolled veterans.

Facilitators: Lani Wilson, Mark Stephens, Lynn Klein, Rozen Bondoc


eLumen Administrative Training

Effective May 2013, the college will no longer be supporting the position of SLO data coordinator to manage eLumen. Therefore each discipline will need to take on the role of entering, editing and managing SLOs and eLumen for their respective courses and programs. Discipline lead faculty (or designee) are asked to attend this training to learn new features of eLumen, their roles as coordinators and changes to the Program Review forms for SLOs.

Facilitators: Carey Kopay and SLOAC Committee Members


The Passion Project

Help us shape an important new initiative, "The Passion Project." This initiative seeks to uncover and leverage our incoming students' passion for education. The workshop will be anchored by the presentation of a new Making Visible film, created by and featuring Chabot students, which explores a myriad of issues and opportunities around passion in education. We'll also ask for your ideas to help shape a new course whose curriculum may include peer teaching/peer mentoring, Student Voice, community-based learning, democracy/citizenship consciousness, and problem based learning -- all with an objective of helping our students to uncover their passions.

Facilitators: Sean McFarland, Skye Ontiveros, Jan Novak, Tom deWit

11:30-12:00 Break & Lunch Served - Members of the Award Winning Forensics team will be performing in the Cafeteria
12:00-1:00 General Session - Cafeteria
  • Great Teacher Awards
  • Update on Program Reviews - Jan Novak
1:15-3:45 Workshops
  303 Academic Bottlenecks: What are they? What can we do?

One of the strategies for achieving our strategic plan goal is to determine which courses and program present bottlenecks to our students. We have defined an academic bottleneck as a course or GE area that is required for a degree or transfer in which demand greatly exceed the number of seats available. In this session, we will review the data have we looked at to generate the list of courses used to inform the Fall 2013 schedule planning. Then, we will begin to explore ongoing questions: What further data do we need to examine? What are multiple approaches we can use to begin alleviating these bottlenecks for our students?

Facilitator: Jennifer Lange

Link to Data


Equity/Poverty FIG

Join us to explore the issues of Equity and Poverty that impact our students' lives. An inquiry group has been digging deep into these issues. We have a working bibliography, a broad set of data we will gather, a way of integrating students directly into the project, and four major outcomes identified. This initiative embraces the biggest resource we have at Chabot, our students -- their lives, stories, cultures, socio-economic conditions, dreams and goals. We are asking real questions about the impact of poverty, racism, and social injustice on our students. James Baldwin says in an interview, "How long are you asking me to wait? My parents' time is gone. It's my time. My niece's and nephew's time.” It is Chabot's time. We aren’t going to wait any longer as practitioners and as an institution. Help us design meaningful strategies that can make a difference for our students.

Facilitators: Tom deWit, Jan Novak, Pedro Reynoso, Kristin Land, Zac Walsh, Michael Thompson


Habits of Mind

Be among the first on campus to get a glimpse of Chabot's new resource guide for students, faculty and classified staff! The Habits of Mind Faculty Inquiry Group has focused on one habit this year--student persistence. We have compiled a list of campus services, clubs, outside support services and much more to support students in achieving their educational goals. This is a project that was months in the making and is a work in progress. The FIG is excited to give session attendees the first "sneak peek" before the document goes live in both online and hard-copy format.

We will also share findings from our student focus-group persistence survey. Our initial data analysis has yielded some surprising results. Join us to discuss how our survey analysis might be used to inform a college-wide discussion on how best to improve student persistence and success.

Facilitators: Aldrian Estepa, Mireille Giovanola, Rae Ann Ianniello, Clara McLean, Christina Mendoza, Andrew Pierson, Laura Alarcón, Jane Wolford


Student Pathways Development

We've moved Beyond Pathways! Come discuss how we can build community across campus to better assist our students as they navigate the muddy waters of college life. Your participation is needed to develop a model that will address the academic, social and emotional needs of our students while also addressing Chabot's Strategic Plan Goal.

Facilitators: Sandra Genera, Deonne Kunkel

  507 SUICIDE PREVENTION GATEKEEPER TRAINING(s) (Kognito): 3 interactive Avatar-based online training modules 

There are 3 module computer-based training programs (Faculty-to-Student, Faculty-to-Veteran Student, and Student-to-Student -- all online computer interactive Avatar-based gatekeeper training simulations.  It's informative and fun!  Learn helpful tactics for communicating with at-risk students and/or Veteran students; appropriate for everybody on campus! Print a "Certificate of Completion" for each module you choose to complete. Once you attend this introduction/overview, you may choose to complete additional modules at your convenience; counts for 1 hour "variable flex" for each module you complete. Use your "Certificate of Completion" for verification. Help create a "healthy" campus, be a "GATEKEEPER." Come meet the Avatars!!!!! Bring your ear buds.

Facilitators: ValJean Dale, Jennifer Yeh, Michael D'Aloisio

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