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Flex Day: February 18, 2014

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Event Center & Bldg. 800 patio

Breakfast provided by the President’s Office

Morning Sessions

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Event Center

Presidential Task Force Overview
Deonne Kunkel & Jeanne Wilson, Co-Chairs

Join a campus-wide conversation about existing learning communities, new initiatives and projects, and state mandated changes (SSSP). Members of the Chabot community have been meeting and working on pathways forward; we encourage you to join the dialogue.

Room 804

Disabled Student Resources
Kathleen Allen

Learn how to work more effectively with disabled students and what resources our campus has to accommodate our learners.

Room 802

Assisting DREAMers
Philomena Franco & Roberto Mendez

Can an undocumented student attend Chabot? Can s/he get financial aid? What/who is AB540, and how can I best advise/direct this student population? Discussion about undocumented students, AB540 designation, and financial aid options now available to this group of students.

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Rooms 802, 805, 807, 811

Presidential Task Force Break-out Sessions
Members of the Task Force

Break-out Sessions will allow for more active participation and dialogue. We encourage members of departments, divisions, and learning communities to go to differing sections so they may represent their areas and programs in multiple conversations.

Room 509

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training Day
ValJean Dale

Do you know what to do when a student tells you they are overwhelmed, depressed, or considering suicide? Do you know what to look for if they aren’t coming to you? Complete the computer program training segments to be an even stronger support to struggling students. Bring your smart phone ear buds for the audio portion of the training.

Room 804

Classified Senate Meet & Greet
Classified Senate

Join in for games, discussion groups, and dialogue about issues concerning Classified Professionals. You will have an opportunity to hear updates from the Classified Senate.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Cafeteria Lunch provided by the President’s Office

Afternoon Sessions (note times for sessions, as there is overlap)

1:00 PM – 2:20 PM Room 405

Digging Deeper: Is the Green Revolution Passing Us By?
Rick Moniz & Anita Wah

Join in the conversation about the ever-changing environmentalcrisis. Watch Bill McKibben of 350.org http://billmoyers.com/episode/bill-mckibben-to-obama-say-no-to-big-oil/ and express your opinions. What can the Chabot community do to move the debate? What is the next phase in the environmental justice movement? Also, a Dig Deep representative will join us to talk about food security.

Room 455

English Achievement Gap Faculty Inquiry Group
Carmen Johnston & Kristin Land

Chabot College is the home to two innovative programs that support improved learning outcomes for Black and Latino students: Daraja and The Puente Project. These two programs draw upon the cutting edge research to train faculty within these learning communities about practices that improve success in English transfer courses and overall college persistence for Black and Latino students. This English Achievement Gap FIG is designed to bring that cutting edge research into the hands of more full and part time English instructors.

During the February 2014 Flex Day Session, members of the FIG will continue planning how to convene a student focus group that will help us take an in-depth look at the practices that improve persistence and engagement for the millennial generation students of color, a group that the research indicates has unique assets. Draft questions for the focal group are posted on the group’s wiki and will be revised during this session. A common reading may also be discussed. English faculty members interested in equity work are welcome to attend.

Room 1804

Career and Technical Education Course Articulation
Jane Church & Yvonne Wu-Craig

The CTE Community Collaborative Grant includes supporting CTE course articulation with our K-12/ROP partners. Learn how to get involved and what projects are currently in the works.

Room 810

Great Debate
Jason Ames

Last December, we had the first Hayward Great Debate and over 200 students and faculty members presented and attended sessions in downtown Hayward. Sessions included Paper presentations, Speeches, Debates, and Documentary Premieres. We want to get a head-start on planning for next Fall’s event and decide on a topic or issue to focus our conversations on.

Room 119

Library Updates and Resources
Pedro Reynoso

Learn about the new resources available in the Chabot Library!

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Event Center

Classified Professional Human Resources Session (ends at 3pm)
David Betts

New resources and information will be presented on a variety of topics including the new health care legislation.

Room 1802

Bottleneck Courses
Jennifer Lange

Before classes even begin you have students asking for a place in your class. We wish we could take them all, but we just do not have enough space. What can we do? While individual disciplines have been attempting to address this issue for years, PRBC has asked us to bring together faculty and staff involved with all the major bottleneck courses to investigate and discuss ideas that will allow more students to succeed in these courses each year.

Room 804

High Impact Pathways – Education to Career to Employment
Nancy Soto

This session will explore how High Impact Pathways (HIP’s) provide a way for colleges to give students more clarity and structure in programs of study. HIP’s are designed to provide students with employable certificates in their field while continuing their educational goals. It also provides opportunities for a student to cross over to a related field of interest to further their career options. Faculty and Counselor expertise guide the development of these HIP’s and curriculum along with partnerships from the field of study.

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM Room 3902

Mathematics Curriculum Review: Better Preparation for STEM Majors in Trigonometry and Pre-calculus
Anita Wah & Robert Yest

Teachers of science, math, and engineering courses for STEM majors will discuss possible changes to the trigonometry and pre-calculus curriculum to better prepare students for their future courses. The outcome of these working sessions will be a proposal for revised course outlines for both courses. Since we will be considering all reasonable suggestions for changes (however radical), we seek the widest possible representation from different disciplines.

Room 455

From Lasers to Skills-Builders: What types of students are in your classes and programs?
Carolyn Arnold

Only 6% of Chabot students are traditional college students — full-time, transfer-bound, start in college English — and they progress and complete at high rates. Who are the rest of our students and how are they progressing? See where students in your division fit into 10 groups of students with different goals, speeds, and starting places at Chabot and how knowing these groups helps us focus our efforts to help them reach their goals.

Room 501

Hayward Promise Neighborhood Grant
Marie DeLeon

Hear about the work that has been done and the progress of the current cohort at Chabot. If you’re wondering how to get involved, this is the time to join the team!

Room 405

Summer Programs with the National Endowment of the Humanities (starts at 3pm)
Mark Stephens

Learn about opportunities with the National Endowment of the Humanities.

Room 805

Meditation (starts at 3pm)
Patricia Shannon

This hour-long workshop is intended for anyone who might be interested in finding out more about meditation, what the research suggests, and trying simple yet very effective techniques for dealing with stress and increasing your sense of balance and well- being. Designed for hard working and stressed-out people. No prerequisites whatsoever.

Download the full Flex Week Schedule (PDF)

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