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Flex Day- September 27, 2011 at Chabot College


8:00 - 8:30 Little Theater Courtyard Light Continental Breakfast and Sign In
8:30 - 10:00 Little Theater

General Session Student Voices Panel

As we evaluate our programs and our college mission, are we meeting the needs and desires of our students? The Staff Development Committee and the Center for Teaching & Learning are hosting a student panel that will ask students "Why are you at Chabot?" and "What do you want to gain from your time here?" From this forum we hope to learn more about the needs of our students and what hurdles they encounter so that we can discuss how we can coordinate our student and academic services to lower barriers to success.

10:15 - 12:00 Various Rooms Workshops & Interdisciplinary Discussions

    Room 552

    Exploring the Power of Patterns

    We will use two hands-on activities to explore classification and the predictive power of patterns.  We will improve our understanding of visual beauty and recognize how visual beauty and a beautiful scientific theory are related.

    Session Presenter Dhruv Joshi, Chemistry Instructor

    Room 119

    The Library is More Digital:  EE-Books, Periodical Databases, and New Online Tools for our Students

    In the past two years, the Library has begun purchasing or subscribing to what is now thousands of E-Books. Instructional paper handouts have been replaced with Libguides, online interactive tools of instruction, and NoodleBib a citation generator that actually teaches students how to be critical thinkers and distinguish sources more correctly when they are creating citations.  Finally, there are interactive tutorials that have been added to the Library web site.  Meanwhile, there are interface changes to the Library Catalog, ProQuest, and other databases.  Chabot librarians will provide instructional tools on what these new products, new interfaces, and types of materials that have been added to the collection.  Learn our products, consult with librarians, design assignments using these resources, and consider scheduling library orientations so students are exposed to our premium online products. In addition, librarians can provide assistance to instructors who are creating research projects, library orientations provide students insight and hands-on training on the process as well, and we will also inform faculty about our new leisure spaces for students.

    Session Presenters  Norman Buchwald, Information Literacy and Technology Librarian; Kim Morrison, Library Coordinator; Jim Matthews, Collection Development Librarian; Debbie Buti, Systems Librarian; Pedro Reynoso, Outreach Librarian.

    Room 2254

    Why We Need to Change the Fitness Center

    It's 'fitness insanity' to keep repeating the same act while expecting a different outcome.  Functional strength circuit training cannot be just activity over achievement.  This workshop is for PE instructors how to 'make it real' (simulate movements from everyday life), how to 'adapt and adjust' (the need to undertake new stress) and how to 'mix it up' (use of multiple training tools).

    Session Presenter Pete Davis, PE Instructor

    Room 810

    Teaching Communication Skills Using Website Technology

    In this session, we will look at ways to implement and effectively use technology for classes in which presentations are utilized. Alice Park will demonstrate a tool designed by Cengage and instructors will discuss the pros and cons of this tool.  This will assist in the shaping of our in class pedagogy, potentially lead to the implementation of new ideas and teaching tools, and also may lead others towards teaching presentation based courses on-line.

    Session Presenters  Jason Ames, Communications Studies Instructor; Alice Park, Cengage Learning Representative

    Room 804

    I've Called 911...now what? Community College Citizen Preparedness Program and "Shots Fired" Video

    This session addresses the knowledge, skills, and abilities faculty and classified need to deal with emergencies such as a active shooter on campus and to prepare for and survive natural, technological, and artificial disasters.

    Note:  Chabot College will receive $1.00 from FEMA for every attendee

    Session Presenters   Frank Ramos, Emergency Preparedness & Workplace Safety Manager; Rosafel Adriano, Student Health Center Coordinator; Keith Stiver, Campus Safety & Security Director; Nate Moore, Campus Safety & Security Officer

    Room 405

    Changing the World: Civic Engagement & Social Justice in the Classroom

    During this session Chabot community members will come together to define civic engagement and social justice as well the significance of the two in their classrooms. How do you go about motivating students to think about the world around them? How do we inspire change when apathy is so prevalent? We will examine these questions and share our best practices for civic engagement and social justice within the classroom. This will also be an opportunity to learn more about the Civic Engagement FIG led by Sara Parker, and the new learning community CIN (Change It Now!).

    Session Presenters Carmen Johnston, English Instructor/CIN Coordinator; Pedro Reynoso, Librarian/CIN Leadership Team; Christine Warda, Communications Instructor/CIN Leadership Team; Sara Parker, Political Studies Instructor; Felicia Tripp, Counselor/CIN Leadership Team.

    Room 554

    Facilitating Student Learning Across Disciplines With Reading Apprenticeship

    How can instructors support students' reading while simultaneously addressing the content they need to cover? Reading Apprenticeship (RA) offers instructors across disciplines a way to respond to this question. In this session participants will learn how the Reading Apprenticeship metacognitive approach has improved student success and persistence in my U. S. History classes. We'll also examine a few of the RA classroom routines that have worked particularly well with my history students. Information on future professional development opportunities will be provided, including a new online option.

    Session Presenter Jane Wolford, History Instructor/Reading Apprenticeship Coordinator

    Room 501

    Establishing a Creative Arts Degree

    In this session we will further explore the development of a Creative Arts Degree that will be a hybrid of multiple disciplines.  We welcome faculty from across campus to join in this process.

    Session Presenter Rachel LePell, Theater Arts Instructor

    Room 510

    The Secret to Online Learning Success Through Emotional Engagement and Online Retention Tips

    This session will introduce our current explorations of student retention (including basic skills) in online and hybrid courses. We will also present several ideas to help keep online learners engaged in course assignments and activities to encourage them to invest more time for greater success. We will also look for faculty input on Blackboard instructional needs.

    Session Presenters  Ramona Silver, Humanities/Arts/English Instructor, COOL chair; Ellie Hoffman, PACE/Language Arts Instructor; Richard Dinwiddie, Humanities/Arts Instructor; Minta Winsor, Blackboard System Administrator & Chabot Web Services Coordinator

    Little Theater

    Post-Panel Discussion — What Did We Learn From Our Students?

    After the panel discussion, please stay with us in the Little Theater to discuss your reactions to our students' statements.  What did we learn from what they have to teach us?  How can we use this knowledge moving forward?

    Session Presenter Jennifer Lange. CTL Coordinator and Biology Instructor

    Room 553

    Chabot's ESL Program:  We are here for you!

    Do you have ESL students in your classes? Are you a counselor? Are you wondering how Chabot's ESL Program works and how it can benefit you and your students? You are invited to meet with your ESL colleagues and learn about the ESL program, what it's doing, where it's going, and what it can do for you. Enjoy a presentation on the program and its resources followed by an open Q&A session.

    Session Presenters Linnea Wahamaki, ESL Instructor; Kent Uchiyama, ESL Instructor; Hisako Hintz, ESL Instructor; Angela Hobbs, ESL Instructor

    Room 507

    Fabulous Free Online Instructional Tools Workshop:  Utlizing Prezi, Google Docs, The Living Room Candidate, YouTube and More to Enhance Classroom Instruction

    Introduction to various free online instructional tools and hands on instruction in using Prezi for classroom presentations and instructional activities. By the time you leave you should have your own basic Prezi presentation or at least a good idea of how to begin one as well as a list of other online tools and various ways to use them.  This is for anyone who would like to learn new and exciting ways to use the Internet to teach and for those who have great ideas of their own as we will pool information about great Internet tools during the session.

    Session Presenter Isabel Sperry, English Instructor

    Room 1902

    Teaching and Learning...Is There an App for That?  Real World Use of the iPad in the Classroom and How it Benefits Learning

    While there is a mobile media technology revolution occurring outside the classroom, the iPad stands out as a remarkable tool for inside the classroom.  This session will focus on its use by both faculty and students and in doing so, illustrate why it can be a game changer. 

    While the underlying discussion here is about the iPad and its presence in the classroom, the goal of this discussion/presentation is to offer a glimpse into the constructive use of mobile technology in the learning process. Techno newbies as well as experts should be able to walk away with a greater understanding of this remarkable tablet, how to use it, and why it can be a serious contender to textbooks and a tool in fostering learning communities.. 

    Session Presenter Timothy Dave, Astronomy and Physics Instructor

    Room 505

    Waitlists...What You Need to Know

    Waitlisting is coming this November with the start of Spring 2012 registration. This session is designed to assist classified professionals learn what they need to know about the waitlist process to work more effectively with students and faculty during the busy registration period.  Rachel and Stacey will be available to answer your questions about this and other related topics. 

    Session Presenters Rachel Ugale, Administrative Systems Analyst II; Stacey Followill, Senior Programmer Analyst

    Room 504

    Gender, Gender Variance, and How it Affects Us in our Daily Interactions and Lives

    This session will cover population statistics, terminology, personal stories, cause and effect in regards to acceptance. If you ever had a question you were afraid to ask, this is the place and the time.

    Session Presenter Kari McAllister, Theater Manager/Performing Arts Center

12:00 - 1:00   Lunch on Your Own
1:15 - 4:00 Various Rooms Discipline Work Time for Faculty (activity plan due Sept. 15)
Various times Various Rooms Afternoon Sessions for Classified Professionals

    Room 505

    1:30 3:00

    I've Called 911...now what? Community College Citizen Preparedness Program and "Shots Fired" Video

    (repeat of morning session)

    This session addresses the knowledge, skills, and abilities faculty and classified members need to deal with emergencies such as a active shooter on campus and to prepare for and survive natural, technological, and artificial disasters.  Note:  Chabot College will receive $1.00 from FEMA for every attendee

    Session Presenters  Frank Ramos, Manager of Emergency Preparedness and Workplace Safety; Rosafel Adriano, Student Health Center Coordinator; Keith Stiver, Campus Safety and Security Director; Nate Moore, Campus Safety and Security Officer

    Room 804

    1:30 – 4:00

    Planning Your Retirement — A CalPERS presentation

    This session, presented by a representative from the local CalPERS office, will give an overview of our CalPERS benefits as well as more detailed information for employees regarding both shorter-term and long-term retirement planning.  For those of you who attended last year's Flex Day CalPERS  Basics session...some of the basic information that was presented in that class will be presented at the beginning of this session, but this is a not a repeat of that introductory class.

    Session Presenter CalPERS trainer

    Room 551

    1:15 – 2:15

    Classified Senate Q & A

    Meet with Classified Senate President Yvonne Wu Craig and discuss some of the new initiatives underway this year that build upon some of the topics discussed during College Day in August. Initiatives include the Classified Orientation and Mentoring Program and the Classified Exchange Program.  There will also be time to bring up additional topics or questions as well as an opportunity to find out more about how you can get involved with campus activities.  

    Session Presenter  Yvonne Wu-Craig, Grants Developer and Classified Senate President

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