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The Zone Student Portal is unavailable. However, you can still access Class-Web and Zonemail

All students registered for classes at Chabot College and LPC will get a Gmail account for email. It is called Zonemail at both campuses.

Check your Zonemail Regularly

Check Zonemail regularly for:

  • Critical deadlines and information from Financial Aid, Admissions, Counselors, Transfer Center and many more departments and programs.
  • College-wide announcements and alerts on campus events, college hour activities, scholarships and campus operations
  • Class information and announcements from instructors.

Use Zonemail to:

  • ​​Submit official forms and documents to all college programs and services. Hard copy signatures on printed forms are no longer required, where applicable.
  • ​Communicate directly with faculty, counselors and college personnel.
  • Complete and submit your required Financial Aid documents​.

Benefits of Zonemail

Zonemail is Gmail, therefore, you will get all the benefits of Gmail and:

  • Access to Google Drive, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides and more;
  • Unlimited storage

Accessing Zonemail

Your Zonemail address is available in Class-Web:

  1. Logon Class-Web
  2. Go to "Personal Information" tab
  3. Click on "Update Email Addresses"
  4. Your Zonemail will appear at the "College Email Address (Students only)" section.
    It will end as ""
Default password is the same as your Class-Web PIN.

You can forward your Zonemail messages to another email account. Please follow this step-by-step guide from Google.

Forward Zonemail Email

For iPhone or iPad, follow these instructions from Apple.

For Android devices, follow these instructions.

If you are using the Gmail app on Android and iOS, you can add another email account such as your Zonemail. You can then read your emails from multiple email accounts, from one Gmail app.
Please follow this step-by-step guide from Google.


If you need your password to be reset or additional support, email:

NOTE: For other assistance, read the other info above.


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