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Technology Plan Suggestions for Revision

Technology Plan

There are several points that need clarification, revision, or addition as we revise the Tech Plan this year:


The Tech Plan should mention perhaps in an even more patent manner that it is tied to the District's IT plan through the continued, intentional communication with Jeannine and Katherine/ IT.

The Tech Plan should include standards for laptop computers and how the campus/ district will address the growing demand for laptop computers (as many Unit Plans contained similar requests).

How does the Tech Plan address ergonomic requirements? For example, ergonomic keyboards, mice, along with desks and chairs (brought up in facilities).

The committee should consider identifying even more clearly what roles we play in the nurturing and shepherding of unit plans regarding all things tech, and again in policy issues like laptops (or other things related to campus-wide use, etc.)

The Tech Plan should clarify to faculty and staff where they should go for advice on technology that might be requested in unit plans, or directly through Deans.

Structure of the Tech Plan document: Some sections read as procedural/ policy, while others read like a Unit Plan. Perhaps the document would be made clearer by restructuring/ revising the organization of the sections and document in its entirety.


  • Update all budget-related requests in the Tech Plan, e.g. request for additional staffing for Computer Support, and bring back summary of budget-related requests to IPBC since IPBC is mostly concerned about the budget.
  •  Revise Tech Plan to tie in with District Strategic Plan and the college's mission. Create a 5-year timeline (since the plan is a 5-year plan) and identify how each section will support the college's mission.
  •  In the next 5 years there will be less need for hardware-related computer support but more need for software-related computer support (considering the college's computer replacement and maintenance policy). How will the Tech Plan address this? e.g. providing more training for software tech support.
  • - would like to see an expanded format to show, maybe a two column format:
      -- description of need in column 1; purchase/budget/potential funding source in column 2
      -- tie need back to respective tech plan goal
  • the budget related items that need to be included in any planning that we do. Technology is part of the Strategic Plan-if there are budgetary needs that we have to plan for in order to met the strategic plan goals, IPBC will need to be aware of them.
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