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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  11/8/11 12-1pm

Minutes presented by Chair for approval by TC.


Members present:  Wayne Phillips, Kurt Shadbolt, Lynn Klein, Nancy Cheung, Jeannine Methe (District, CTO), Rachel Ugale, Carlos Enriquez, Ken Grace, George Railey (VP, keynote speaker), Gordon Watt, Tim Dave (Budget Com. rep), Scott Hildreth, Ramona Silver (Chair, COOL), Minta Winsor, Lisa Ulibarri, Kathleen Allen (FA rep/DSRC), Zarir Marawala (Chair, TC)


The meeting started at 12:10 with introduction of new faces around the table. Jeannine Methe distributed handouts regarding the upcoming waitlists and went over the basic procedure as it applies to faculty.  George Railey joined in re: answering any questions re: this topic.  A significant note that came out of the discussion was that while the waitlist could be altered by number for any given course by CRN, the sheer number of offerings (around 1200) means a logistical nightmare if everyone was given the option to set whatever they wanted.  Therefore, individual requests for individual waitlist values are not encouraged and a standard 20 students on a waitlist is the default.  This value can change over the next few terms as the waitist is implemented and input comes in from faculty, Deans to the VP or TC.


Jeannine also handed out a map of the wireless access points throughout the campus.  A short discussion ensued re: the need for more IP addresses v. the need for bigger bandwidth.  In some cases one is more significant over the other, but both are issues that will need further review as Chabot continues to use more technology in the near future.


George Railey briefly went over our response to Recommendation 4 of the Accreditation Committee report.  What the college needs from TC is the generation of the form(s) which is generated from following procedures (to be developed by TC) that will address the institutional technology needs (programs, departments, faculty etc) while integrating several entities on campus including Budget Committee, PRBC, the College Council before a final approval is sought from the President's office.


A concern was brought up re: the importance of budget being the stumbling block and that all these efforts to put procedures in place is meaningless without shoring up the budget to implement technology.  The involvement of TC with Budget Committee (BC) was brought up.  TC will  brainstorm ways in which we can involve the college as a whole to where some monies are set aside for the express purpose of Technology use in order to favor the odds of success at the end of a process where technology related budget is needed (which is often).


Another issue brought up by a member was to make sure that the procedures we embark on producing include both strategic and tactical components.  This is going to be a topic of discussion on the agenda in the upcoming meeting(s).


Staying compliant with ADA requirements (508) was brought up in that as we gear up to launch into the process of making the procedures and the form(s) we remember to be mindful of such compliance.

A suggestion was introduced that Chabot Cloud technology was brought up as a possible tool that may be cheaper, easier to use and manage in the long run.  Concerns over FERPA and other issues were discussed.  The possibility of a local solution with virtualized servers (which operates like a cloud) with various suites of software may help allay some of the security/privacy concerns.


In going through the rest of the agenda, the system proposed by the Chair for approval and publishing of the minutes was approved unanimously.  Basically, the minutes will be emailed to the committee members by the end of Friday.  Members have till end of Wednesday of the following week to make changes or corrections which they should email to the Chair who will make the amendments as needed.  An approval is expected by that Wednesday but if no comments are made, an approval is presumed and the minutes will be posted.


There was nothing to report from PRBC as the meeting was moved till 11/9/2011.


Spamming from within the college by college employees was brought up.  These cannot be eliminated by most faculty as they do not know how to "filter" the email from a given source.  The Help Desk can provide information on "filtering" emails.  However, TC recognized the importance of knowing that the email system was for College related work primarily and that the system should not be abused for ads and solicitations of a personal nature.  If this becomes a problem, the individual sending the campus wide mail may be reported to their Dean or Supervisor.


TC members are encouraged to be part of a 2-4 person Task Force to address some of the issues that were brought up in previous TC meetings.  These were outlined in the TC agenda for today's meeting.  Gordon, Jeannine and Zarir have volunteered to be on the Task Force for the topic of Help Ticket Follow-Up Online Process.

In the last minute, the Good of the Order was brought up.  This was an email sent by the Chair to the members, and a request was made that they review the document and comment by email or at the next meeting.   Meeting adjourned at 12:57 pm.


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