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Technology Committee Meeting: Tuesday  8/24/10 12-1pm


1. Determine the committee goals and priorities for 2010-11.
2. Select a new committee chair.

Attendees: Mark Schaeffer, Rachel Ugale, Tom Clark, Don Plondke, Arlene DeLeon, Ramona Silver, Norman Buchwald, Christina Moon, Kathleen Allen, Lisa Ulibarri, Abdullah Yahya, Desmond Chun.
1. The committee discussed some goals and needs for this year.
2. The committee inquired about a new chair/ qualities needed.
3. The role of the Technology Committee was discussed, along with shared governance responsibilities.
4. It was determined that, as a committee, we would inquire with out divisions for potential chairs and communicate via email until we can schedule another meeting.
Next Meeting: Tentatively, 9/14 12pm (though the committee is not meeting until we have an official chair)


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