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Technology Plan - Online Student Services

Online Student Services is part of the Admission and Records Department. Student Services personnel maintain student records and advise students online, and provide online self-service tools for registration and enrollment.

Current Environment

The College uses a web-based common application developed for the California Community College system and a District-maintained web-based registration system for registration and retrieval of academic records. Financial aid information is also available through the registration system. Student Services employs a document imaging system to maintain any paper documents that are relevant to a student’s enrollment at Chabot College. Departments that do academic advising use an appointment system from which state matriculation data is gathered, stored and eventually uploaded to our student information system. Students can schedule appointments during off-hours by means of a self-service appointment system. A system will soon be implemented that will automatically notify the students by phone and/or e-mail of upcoming appointments and can also be used to broadcast important messages about deadline dates and upcoming events. English and mathematics assessments are web-based, and their results are obtainable online via the registration system. An attendance tracking system, which interfaces with the District student information system, is used in all instructional labs. The District is currently implementing an advising and program evaluation tool to be used by counseling faculty that will also include a self-service component for students.

Future Plan

An increasing number of online systems will include a self-service component, giving students 24/7 online access to their academic records.
As offsite and online course offerings increase, there will be new student services online, mainly relating to new student enrollment. In addition, we are exploring online counseling methods in conjunction with the implementation of the advising and program evaluation tool, so students can make informed decisions when registering for classes.

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