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Technology Plan - Procurement Procedures

Current Environment

The College requires review from Computer Support Services for all technological purchases made with College funds. This requirement allows the College to maintain compatibility and standardization with existing technology. Student-use computers are purchased as needed depending on available funding. The College supports 1100 student-use computers, most of which are in computer labs around the campus. Approximately 200 of these computers are regularly available in open labs; the remaining computers are available when not being used for classroom instruction. Currently, procurement of repair or supplemental parts requires a Purchase Order process that does not lend itself to “just-in-time” repair or parts procurement. This purchasing process is also costly in labor due to the number of persons needed to process these orders.

Future Plan

The College should continue to provide all employees with technology they require. We recommend developing a credit card system that can provide parts and software as needed. This will minimize over-ordering of parts to keep on hand (cost savings), cut the lead time on systems awaiting parts, and allow Chabot to leverage its funds in a more efficient manner.

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