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Using the New Agenda-Minutes

The new way to display the Agendas & Minutes allows you to upload the files and have it display without updating the webpage.


  1. Easier to update and maintain
  2. Consistent formatting which helps for accreditation

How to upload agendas, minutes & more

  1. In Sharepoint or Dreamweaver, save the agendas/minutes pdf files to folder /docs/agenda-minutes/<select academic year>/<select semester, if available>
  2. Name the files as:
    • yyyy-mm-dd Agenda.pdf
    • or yyyy-mm-dd Minutes.pdf
    • or yyyy-mm-dd Handouts.pdf

      The month and date must be 2-digits
      example: 2016-01-09-Agenda.pdf
  3. Files will be automatically displayed sorted chronologically
  4. Every start of the academic year, create the folder by the year, ie "2016-2017"
  5. Every semester, create the semester folder accordingly, ie "Fall 2016"

This is how it'll appear:

The Budget Committee is a great real-life example too.


To use this on your website, email webmaster@chabotcollege.edu with the url and your contact information.

    Phone: (510) 723-6600