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Online Teaching Tools


Listed below are additional tools that we recommend to meet various needs for online learning. Note that the following tools are offered outside of Chabot so we may not be able to offer direct support. For tools/software which require purchase or download (not web-based), please check with your division dean and/or submit a Request for New Technology.

Video/Presentation/Screen Capture Tools:

Slideshare (Free option available)
CCC Confer CCC Confer (Free!)
  Jing - Screen Recorder/Capture (Free!)
  Camtasia - Screen Recorder/Capture
SangIt Snag It - Screen Recorder/Capture
3C Media Solutions (Free!)
Video Not.es Video Not.es (Free!)
iMovie iMovie
YouTube YouTube (Free!)
YouTube YouTube My Webcam (Free!)

Audio Tools:

  Garage Band
  Audacity (Free!)
  iTunes (Free!)

Communication Tools:

Blogger  Blogger (Free!)
WordPress (Free!)
Dropbox  Dropbox (Free!)
Skype  Skype (Free!)
gchat  gChat (Free!)
  Dragon Naturally Speaking - Speech Recognition.

Social Networking Tools:

Google Hangouts Google Hangout (Free!)
facetime logo Facetime (Apple) (Free!)
Wikispaces Wikispaces (Free!)
  EditMe - Wiki's (low-cost options) 
facebook Facebook (Free!)
Yahoo! Groups (Free!)
Twitter (Free!)
Pinterest (Free!)
LinkedIn (Free!)
Slideshare (Free option available)
YouTube  YouTube (Free!)
WordPress (Free!)
Flickr (Free!)
Diigo - also available: Diigo Educator (Free option available)
Zotero (Free!)
Del.icio.us (Free!)
Google Docs/ Drive (Free!)
Second Life

Educational Resources for Online Teaching:

MERLOT (Free!)
  Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources - Open Textbooks (Free!)

*Thank you to the Online Engagement Faculty Inquiry Group for recommendations of the above tools.

Discounted Software for Home Use:

Faculty and staff members of Chabot College can purchase discounted software (such as from Microsoft and Adobe) for home use through the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC).


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