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Physical Fitness for Careers in Public Safety

Chabot College offers physical activity courses specific to the needs of today’s first responders.  All courses address fitness development, nutrition, stress management and injury prevention.  Training venues include the Fitness Center, Strength Center, pool, track, and the Chabot College Confidence Course.  All interested students are welcome.

Law Enforcement Conditioning, Physical fitness for Law Enforcement

Classes emphasize a comprehensive approach to job-specific training for today’s sworn enforcement personnel. Appropriate for the Administration of Justice student as well the incumbent public safety officer.  Training is focused on aerobic and sprint conditioning, development of power, muscular strength/ endurance, agility and dexterity.  Discussion of lifetime fitness principles includes weight and stress management, fitness program design, nutritional guidelines, and injury prevention.   All experience levels welcome. 

Fire Technology Conditioning

This course is a requirement for Firefighter I certification and is of particular interest to Fire Technology students, Fire Explorers and incumbent firefighters. Skill development includes aerobic fitness, power development, agility training, knots, and ladder evolutions.

Course attendance is highly recommended prior to enrollment in the Chabot Fire Academy.  All skill levels welcome.

Intermediate Fire Technology Conditioning

Designed for the Chabot Fire Academy graduate, alumni of Fire Technology Conditioning and current fire service officers.  Team-oriented skills, aerobic development, muscular strength and endurance and agility are emphasized, with attention to lifetime fitness principles. No pre-requisite, but successful completion of Fire Technology Conditioning is highly recommended.

911 Fitness Challenge

Training for all branches of Public Safety service in an intense, four-day per week, eight (8) week boot-camp format.  Designed for maximum impact on physical fitness and skills development.  Offered during Summer Session.  The Fitness Challenge is popular with students, incumbents and military personnel.

Public Safety Fitness, Fitness for the First Responder

This course is a preparatory fitness class for all branches of Public Safety service.  Students and incumbents receive training in cardiovascular fitness, anaerobic development, agility, muscular strength and endurance with an emphasis on fundamentals. May be offered by arrangement for groups of 20 or more.

Chabot College Confidence Course

The Confidence Course is a nine-element, on-campus training venue based upon obstacle courses designed and used by the Los Angeles Police Department and the San Jose Police Department.  All Public Safety physical fitness classes utilize the Confidence Course.  It is also available by prior arrangement to groups for training and testing. Local SWAT teams, canine units, and athletic teams have undertaken the Confidence Course challenge.  

For further information on the Public Safety Fitness courses, to arrange a fitness class for your group, or to reserve the Confidence Course, contact:

Mary Pastore, Instructor
(510) 723-7480   office
(510) 220-1474  cellular

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