Student Resources - AT Computer Applications

Windows and Mac Applications

The following table of links are for computer applications and other assistive technology related solutions for both Windows and Mac platforms. The table includes the application name, what type of application it is, whether it's free or paid, and what platform(s) each works on. (Updated 11/09/22)


Application Name

App Type

Free or Paid


Natural Reader


Free / Paid for premium features

Mac / Windows PC (standalone application)

Apple iOS / Google Chrome apps (for reading web-based documents including PDFs)




Windows PC only

Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF Reader w/basic text-to-speech capability


Mac / Windows PC / iOS / Android.

Although not considered a text-to-speech program, the basic read features will work to get anyone started.


Text-to-Speech / Writing Tool

Free 15-day trial; $14.99 thereafter

Mac only

Kurzweil 3000 / 1000

Comprehensive Assistive Technology Application.

Text-to-Speech + study tool (Scan / Read / Write)

 Free access when enrolled in LNSK 102, or provided access via DSPS, otherwise, paid. 

Mac / Windows PC /

Standalone and web versions

Kurzweil 3000 is for sighted users; 1000 is for non-sighted users.


Text-to-Speech / Cloud Based


All devices and platforms.

Powerful, high-quality TTS program with proprietary AI based voices. Anything saved in your Speechify library syncs across all device types.


Screen Reader

Free with use of Chabot (educational) email account.

 Windows PC only


ZoomText  Magnification / reading program  Free with use of Chabot (educational) email account.  

Windows PC only

 Fusion JAWS + ZoomText combo install  Free with use of Chabot (educational) email account.  Windows PC only
CAR (Central Access Reader)

Specialized e-text reader for math equations


Windows PC / Mac (Mojave OS)


 Math equation creator


Mac / Windows / Android / iOS

Read & Write

Text-to-Speech / study helper / Web-based


Mac / Windows (using Google Chrome extension)  (reads web-based documents including PDFs)

Read Aloud

Text-to-Speech / web-based


Google Chrome (reads web-based documents including PDFs)


A.I.-based Text-to-speech audio generator

Paid (price varies)

Cloud-based solution, works from any connected device (PC, Mac, phone/tablet). Uses advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) / high-quality synthesized voices including natural inflections and breathing. Not an e-text reader; only for generating advanced-quality digital audio (MP3s) from text.

Dancing Dots

Read / Write / Record music for visually impaired


Windows PC only. (suite of different systems and applications). Some apps require additional equipment, i.e. a MIDI keyboard and MIDI interface.

Accessible Periodic Table

Screen reader friendly table of elements with flexibility over viewing mode and access speed.


Windows PC only