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Resources for Students

The following are a few resources you might find useful as a student.

Microsoft Office 365

Personal Status Requirements: To have access to Office 365 for free, you must be either a full or part-time student, faculty, or staff member at the college, with an email ending in .edu that was issued to you by the college.

Computer Requirements: Computer system requirements are available on the Microsoft Office System Requirements web page.

Step 1: Register your school email by going to Microsoft's Email Registration for free Office 365 website.
(You must use your student email that ends in "@zonemail.clpccd.edu" to get the free Office 365 offer)

Step 2: Click "I'm a student" on the next page.

Step 3: Check your student email for the confirmation letter from Microsoft and confirm your school email address.

Step 4: Create an Office 365 user account and password.

Step 5: Install Microsoft Office on your computer.

BONUS: Download files linked below for Microsoft Office keyboard command reference sheets!

Basic Version ---- or ---- Advanced version

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Khan Academy:

A self-paced video instruction site for many subjects, of particular help with math. Lessons are broken up into easily digestible chunks, which the user can go over at their own pace. This site is excellent as a refresher for someone who hasn't taken math in a while, or as a video tutor for someone just exploring the world of math, whether you are starting at the very beginning or you are very advanced.

Calibre eBook Manager

Free eBook management software for practically any format of eBook.
Easy to set up, install, and use, Calibre lets you have control of your entire eBook collection, convert formats, and customizes the look of your library. Watch the introductory video on the home page and get a sense of how Calibre works to see if it is a good fit for your needs.

Download Calibre from the Calibre website.
-->Note: Demo video on website's main page

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A new resource for students, NetTutor lets you connect one on one with a tutor, who often is either a current or retired instructor. All tutors are regarded as experts in their field. Tutoring offered for a large range of topics, with assistance in the core subjects (Math and English) available almost any time of day. The tutoring is done online, through several different methods, including uploading a file or photo as reference for discussion, talking on the phone, or having a video Skype conversation. Stop by the the DSRC for more information and for assistance in getting an account set up, and check out the videos below for an overview of how NetTutor works..

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