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Casey Lee Hurt

Music Buisness

Casey Lee Hurt is a third generation ex-baptist preacher. He started playing music at the age of 12 when he was handed a pawnshop guitar and an old hymnal. His music has been described as black coffee honest. Hurt is one of the creators of The Unfortunates. In 2013 The Unfortunates premiered at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Hurt also led the band in the Berkeley Rep. and South Coast Rep. productions of One Man Two Guvnors. In 2015 Hurt won the ISC international songwriting competition for his blues song ‘Sin Perfume’. Hurts music has also been featured in Magnet Magazine and on T.V. shows like Criminal Minds, The Night Shift, Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill.


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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 10/13/2016