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Current Status of Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes
Program-Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) by Division
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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Cycle (SLOAC)

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    At Chabot, we have started by focusing our assessment activities on the direct assessment of SLOs, by using analytic rubrics.  To find when your course is up for assessment, see your discipline’s SLO assessment schedule.  To edit one, see the forms page.         

    For guidelines on sampling and related matters, see Chabot's assessment policy.  The assessment page describes assessment in more detail.

    Student Learning Outcomes are the few things you wish a student to take away with them, and remember forever, after completing a course. They are not so much the course content, as what the student can do with that knowledge.  A little bit about the difference between course content and SLOs follows. 

    A COR is a Course Outline of Record.  It is the contract between the faculty and the college, so naturally our course content and CLOs are derived directly from it.  The course content is listed on the COR, it represents discreet skills and knowledge that the students are learning in the course. 

    The Student Learning Outcomes are derived from the course content, but they are summaries of those skills.  They are more broad and represent what a student can do after completing your course.  Think of your outcomes as the ending this sentence, “After completing this course, the student will be able to…..”

    You can find your course's COR on the Academic Services webpage, and also by searching for the course on CurricUNET.

    To see if your course has SLOs developed, and read the actual SLOs on the COR, you can search the course on CurricUNET, then click on the "SLO" icon to the left of the course.  You can also view them broken down by division and then by course on this list of our course-level outcomes (CLOs).

    When writing a COR for a new course, SLOs will be required, and they must be mapped to at least one ILO.  This must be done to save the SLO page in CurricUNET, and to submit your new course to the Curriculum Review Process.  To modify SLOs to existing courses, please complete the Modification Form and email them to your SLOAC Division Representative, SLOAC Chair, and Curriculum and SLO Specialist.

    We are aware that a more varied and inclusive approach to assessment will benefit us in the future, and we are looking forward to developing methods for qualitative assessment as well. 




This page was last updated 04.03.17

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