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Program Level Outcomes Progress


Date Last Updated: 3/10/2012
Contributing Members: Mireille Giovanola

Program Level Outcome 1
Analyze human biological and cultural adaptations. In this context, evaluate the different factors that have affected, and are affecting humans biologically and culturally.

Related Course Outcome(s): Introduced in courses: Demonstrated in courses: Mastered in courses:
Outcome 1:
Scientific methodology. Anthropology 1, 1L, 2, 3 Anthropology 1, 1L, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12
Outcome 2:
Comparatively evaluate the paleo-anthropological evidence for hominin/d evolution Anthropology 1, 1L, 2 Anthropology 1, 1L, 2
Outcome 3:
Evaluate the cultural and social changes associated with the shift from hunting-gathering to food-producing societies. Anthropology 2 Anthropology 2
Outcome 4:
Analyze various social constructions of identity and evaluate the societal impact of these constructs Anthropology 3, 5 Anthropology 3, 5

Program Level Outcome 2
Analyze the factors that cause modern human biological and cultural diversity, and demonstrate an appreciation for, and sensitivity to human biological and cultural diversity.

Related Course Outcome(s): Introduced in courses: Demonstrated in courses: Mastered in courses:
Outcome 1:
Evaluate human biological diversity through the application of forensic analysis to the human skeleton Anthropology 1, 1L Anthropology 1, 1L
Outcome 2:
Compare and contrast prehistoric societies in different parts of the world, based on their material remains Anthropology 2 Anthropology 2
Outcome 3:
Evaluate the mode of production from data presented, and predict various social constructs associated with the societies sharing these characteristics. Anthropology 3 Anthropology 3
Outcome 4:
Demonstrate knowledge of the social, political, and economic forces of race and ethnicity in developing a stratified society Anthropology 3, 5 Anthropology 5
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