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Program Level Outcomes Progress

Psych Counsel MC Self (C)

Date Last Updated: 7/18/2011
Contributing Members: counseling faculty (lead: Sadie Ashraf)

Program Level Outcome 1
This certificate has been designed to provide individual students the opportunity to conduct self assessment and self reflection as part of a personal development plan.

Related Course Outcome(s): Introduced in courses: Demonstrated in courses: Mastered in courses:
Outcome 1:
Demonstrate ability to identify ones own dysfunctional behavior or miscommunication that results in unhealthy communication PSCN 11 PSCN 11 PSCN 11
Outcome 2:
Identify and apply 3 career or personal characteristics that can be used in their future career and educational planning PSCN 10 PSCN 10 PSCN 10
Outcome 3:
Construct detailed life goals for personal success PSCN 12 PSCN 12 PSCN 12
Outcome 4:
Students identify three resources and can explain how the services which are offered by the different resources apply to their lives and/or education PSCN 36 PSCN 36 PSCN 36

Program Level Outcome 2
The self is analysed in context of the community at large which is becoming more diverse and multicultural. Hence a self assessment is made in relationship to the culturally diverse community and world in which we live. Students completing this certificate are explosed to a variety of multicultural issues and concepts

Related Course Outcome(s): Introduced in courses: Demonstrated in courses: Mastered in courses:
Outcome 1:
Students can differentiate how dreams are used in communicating cultural values and apply it to three or more ethnic/cultural groups PSCN 4 PSCN 4 PSCN 4
Outcome 2:
Correctly define the term "ethnoplaulsim PSCN 13 PSCN 13 PSCN 13
Outcome 3:
Identify Chabot College as a minority majority institution based on ethnic distribution of the college's population PSCN 13 PSCN 13 PSCN 13
Outcome 4:
Identify 3 reasons the contstruct of a model minority is a negative concept when applied to any identified group PSCN 13 PSCN 13 PSCN 13
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