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Current Status of Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes
Program-Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) by Division
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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Cycle (SLOAC)

Resources for SLOs

Resources for Running Reports in eLumen:

  • Types of Reports Generated by eLumen at the Course level:
  • Report: Description: Purpose:
    1. Assessments by Achievement Area Generates assessment data by course for single or multiple semesters. Generates data for Closing the Loop for SLOs. 
    Provides overview of how which courses were assessed and when.
    2. Assessments by Program Shows semester offerings of a course and where assessment data is present. Useful for identifying gaps in assessment and monitoring calendar of assessment cycle.
    3. Assessments by Shared Asmt Package For courses with shared assessments. Not common unless assessments are linked to multiple courses.
    4. Assessments by Course Group Shows SLO data for courses grouped in programs under larger disciplines. For large disciplines, allows for the selection courses within a specific program. (ie: within LA - ESL courses are grouped and data can be clustered.)
    5. Program Analysis Report examines ACCJC questions related to SLO progress by discipline. Addresses ACCJC accreditation questions.
    6. SLO Scoring Completion Report Examines course level scoring of data by section and instructor. Tracks assessment data by section and instructor data entry. 
    7. Course Statistics and Evidence Reports on how courses in a discipline are progressing with assessments and mapping to CWLG and PLOs.  Presents history of data for all courses in a program, mapping, and when assessments were completed. 


    Action Status Report Reports courses with action plans. Likely not useful.

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