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Using Sharepoint Designer 2007

The following instructions show you how to use MS Sharepoint to log in and edit your website.

1. Get MS Sharepoint
If you don't have MS Sharepoint, please contact the help desk at extension 1715 to request it be installed on your computer.
2. Open MS Sharepoint
To open MS Sharepoint, normally you just click on Start > Programs > MS Office > MS Sharepoint as shown below.


3. Open Site
In MS Sharepoint, click File > Open Site.

file open site

You will see a dialog box where you need the site name you are trying to access. Enter


where foldername is the name of the folder you want access to.

In the example below, the site name is ftp://www.chabotcollege.edu/finaid for the Financial Aid website.

If you are updating your faculty website, it would be


When done, click Open and enter your username and password in the login popup box.

open site

Note: If you are updating your faculty website, in the Site Name field you would enter


where username is your username (e.g. jdoe for John Doe)

4. Website Editing Options
To edit the live website, check that radio button and click OK.


4. Access Your Website Files
If your account has been set up and you entered your login information correctly, you will see a list of files in your website. The screen snapshot below is the list of files in the /finaid website folder at the time the snapshot was taken.


5. You Now Have Accessed Your Website's Files
To learn how to edit and create new files, visit our user-friendly online tutorials.
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