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Working with Bookmarks

A bookmark is a link to a different part of the same page. It is often used in very long pages such as pages containing a glossary of terms or definitions. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions for working with bookmarks using MS Sharepoint Designer.

1. Open File

In MS Sharepoint Designer, open the file you'd like to add a bookmark to. This example uses a test page.


2. Create Bookmark
Highlight the text you want the bookmark to be placed. This is where users will jump to when they click on a link to the bookmark. In this case, it'll be the term definitions. We'll start with Definition for Term 1. Then, click Insert > Bookmark. This will open a bookmark box with a suggested bookmark name. You can accept the name and click OK.


3. Create Link
Now, highlight the text you want to create into a link. Then, right click and click "Hyperlink". When users click on this link, they will jump to the bookmark.


You will then see the Insert Hyperlink box. Click on the Bookmark button. This will open the Bookmark box. Click on the bookmark name we just created and click OK.


8. Save Your Changes / Upload to The Web
Click File > Save to save your changes.

save menu

If you're editing your files directly on the web, your changes are instantly shown online.

If you're editing your files locally, you'll need to upload your files to the web for the public to see the changes.

To learn more about putting your files on the web, see our tutorials.

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