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How to Request Blackboard and Canvas Course Sites

For each semester, instructors can request Blackboard and Canvas sites for their courses (including regular on-campus courses, online courses, & hybrid courses) by way of the steps below. If you have content from previous semesters, you can copy content into your new sites (once they are set up). Course Copy for Blackboard. Course Export for Canvas. 

Step 1:   Log into CLASS-WebForgot username/password?



Step 2:   Click Menu for Faculty, Staff & Advisors.


  Menu for Faculty
Step 3:   Click Blackboard Course Site Request or Canvas Course Site Request(located near the bottom of the page).


  Bb and Canvas site request links
Step 4:   Choose the appropriate semester & campus and click Submit.


  Select Term and Campus

Step 5:   Check each box for the course(s) that you want set up in Blackboard or Canvas, then click "Request." A confirmation list will display.   screenshot of courses to select
                                                    Optional: What is a Merged Site?

Step 6:   Anywhere from 2-24 hours after you submit your request (weekends excepted), you should be able to access your course sites in Blackboard or Canvas. Please note that student enrollments won't be uploaded to the course site until a week before the term begins.

(Developing a course? Request a developmental course site.)

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