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Wrestling Result

9/30/13:  Sport Fans:
Here are the results of the Chabot College wrestlers from this past weekend at West Hills College Wrestling Tournament.  Chabot had six wrestler that placed this past weekend. All six made it to the semi-finals matches and only two of the six wrestlers made it into the finals.
At 141 lb. weight class, Anthony Rubio (Chabot) placed 2nd losing his final match to Al Naser (Fresno City College) by a score of 12 - 7.  At the 149 lb. weight class, Jacob Pratt (Chabot) placed 2nd losing his final match to Martine Sandoval (Fresno City College by a technical Fall 17 - 2.
At 285 lb. weigh class, Buddy Barraza (Chabot) placed 4th losing his Consolation Finals match to Dereck Lee (West Hills college) by a fall 2:22.  Dereck Lee from West Hills was the returning All American who placed 2nd in last year State Championships.  Other wrestlers that placed for Chabot were:
125 lb. weight class Daniel Nguyen (Chabot0 placed 5th winning his consolation finals match against Robert Smith (Santa Rosa Jr. College) by a Fall 4:20  133 lb. weight class Frankie O'Ceguera (Chabot) placed 6th losing his consolation finals match by a Technical Fall 23 - 5.  174 lb. weight class Dane Burgress (Chabot) placed 6th losing his consolation Finals match to Cordero Rio (Sacrament City College) by a Dec. of 2 - 7.

Team Results:

1. Fresno city College 154.5 pts.
2. Cerritos College 121.0 pts.
3. Sacrament City College 108 pts.
4. Chabot College 75 pts.
5. Modesto Jr. College 74 pts.
6. West Hills College 58 pts.
7. Shasta College 39.5 pts.
8. Santa Rosa Jr. College 37 pts.
9. Lassen College 19.5 pts.
10. Sierra College 13.0 pts.

9/22/13:  Here are the Results from this past weekend Wrestling tournament held at Sacrament City College on Saturday, Sept. 21.
Chabot had 6 wrestlers that placed in this wrestling tournament.
Chabot had only one Champion and that was Buddy Barraza at weight class 285. Buddy wrestled Shasta college's Mike Branson, who is the returning All-American and placed third at last years State Championships!
Buddy was in control the whole match beating Shasta college Mike Branson by a Dec. of 3 - 1.
Chabot also had another wrestler in the finals at 141 lb. weight class. Chabot's Anthony Rubio lost a very close finals match to Skyline Brian Ha by a Dec. 3-2.
At 125 lb. weight class, Chabot's Daniel Nguyen placed 3rd defeating Fresno City College Jose Navarro by a pin 2:09.
At the 174 lb. weight class, Chabot's Dane Burgess placed 4th losing to Fresno City College Cordero Rios by a Dec. 14 - 5, at 133 lb weight class Chabot had Frankie Oceguera tied for 5th place with Sacramento City College Tou Vang. And Chabot's Jacob Pratt at 149 lb. weight class tied with San Joaquin Delta's Andrew Greer for 5th place.
Chabot placed 4th as a team.

Team Results:
1. Sacrament City College 132 pts.
2. Fresno City College 130 pts.
3. Cuesta College 89 pts.
4. Chabot College 61 pts.
5. Santa Rosa Jr. College 28 pts.
6. Lassen College 24 pts.
7. Skyline College 22 pts.
8. Shasta College 18 pts.
9. San Joaquin Delta College 12 pts.
10. Sacrament State College 0 pts.

The Chabot Wrestling Team Started their season with a Triple Dual meet this past weekend.
They went to Shasta College to wrestle against Shasta, San Joaquin Delta College and Sacramento State College Club wrestling team.
Chabot wrestled against San Joaquin Delta in the first match.

125 - Noel Ramirez (Chabot) lost by a Dec. 3 - 11 to Hoa Le (SJD)
133 - Daniel Nguyen (Chabot) WON BY A PIN 2:15 against Ricky Castillo (SJD)
141 - Frankie Oceguera (Chabot) WON BY A PIN 2:35 against Ryan Cosgrove (SJD)
149 - Anthony Rubio (Chabot) won by a pin 5:45 against Andrew Grect (SJD)
157 - Terin Ocallaghan (Chabot) lost by a Dec. 6 - 11 to Regelio Bravo (SJD)
165 - Gabriel Higares (Chabot) won by a Dec. 10 - 4 against Joel Keough (SJD)
174 - Wilberto Pica (Chabot) lost by injury Default to Antenione Lopes (SJD)
184 - Sarbjit Selpa (Chabot) won by Forfeit
197 - Marcus Bishop (Chabot) won by a Pin 2:23 against Steven Flores (SJD)
285 - Jacob Clausen (Chabot) won by a Pin 3:45 against Joshua Byrd (SJD)

Final Team score: Chabot College - 39 San Joaquin Delta College - 13

In Chabot Second match up, Chabot wrestled against Shasta College:

125 - Rodolfo Vargas (Chabot) lost by a pin 4:52 to Steven Middaugh (Shasta)
133 - Daniel Nguyen (Chabot) won by a Pin 2:38 against Joseph Holcom (Shasta)
141 - George Lallian (Chabot) lost by Dec. 9 - 13 to Ryan Blyleven (Shasta)
149 - Jacob Pratt (Chabot) won by a Pin 4:28 against Nicholas Mai (Shasta)
157 - Cody Krimm (Chabot) won by a Dec. 3 - 2 against Wesley Jensen (Shasta)
165 - Terin Ocallaghan (Chabot) lost by a Dec. 2 - 3 against Steven Giose (Shasta)
174 - Gabriel Higares (Chabot) won by a Forfeit
184 - Dane Burgess (Chabot) won by a Pin 2:15 against Bill Robinson (Shasta)
197 - Gurbinder Kang (Chabot) lost by a Dec. 7 - 11 to Thomas Cross (Shasta)
285 - Jacob Clausen (Chabot) won by a Pin 2:40 against Lonnie Keyser (Shasta)

Final Team Score: Chabot College - 33 Shasta College - 15

In the third and Final match of the Day Chabot wrestledagainst Sacramento State College:

125 - Noel Ramirez (Chabot) winner by Forfeit
133 - Daniel Nguyen (Chabot) won by a Pin :55 against JJ Mahlum (Sac. State)
141 - Frankie Oceguera (Chabot) won by a pin :36 against C. Murray (Sac. State)
149 - George Lallian (Chabot) Lost by a Pin 2:07 to N. Castlone (Sac. State)
157 - Anthony Rubio (Chabot) won by a Dec. 9 - 3 against C. Mack (Sac. State)
165 - Jacob Pratt (Chabot) won by a Pin :19 against B. Butler (Sac. State)
174 - Gabriel Higares (Chabot) lost by a Pin 1:04 to S. Bry (Sac. State)
184 - Sarbjit Selpa (Chabot) Winner by Forfeit
197 - Gurbinder Kang (Chabot) winner by Forfeit
285 - Thomas Taylor (Chabot) winner by Forfeit

Final Team Score: Chabot - 45 Sacramento State College - 12

Next match for the Chabot wrestlers will be this weekend at Sacramento City College Wrestling Tournament.
Saturday, Sept. 21.
Start time 9:00 a.m.

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