Law and Justice Club


The main objective of the Law and Justice Club is to educate members through exposure and hands on experience. This is done utilizing seminars, workshops, guest speakers, field trips and community service.

Mission Statement

The Law and Justice Club works to recognize and promote scholarship among students engaged in preparation for careers in the law and justice system while providing a forum for keeping abreast of new developments in the field. The Club also provides opportunities for members to network with professionals in the areas of law enforcement, forensics, the legal system, probation, and corrections.

Club Officer Open Positions

If you are interested in holding a club officer position, please email us at with your first and last name, year at Chabot, statement of interest, position desired, and what you feel you will bring to the club!  
  1. Preside over all meetings
  2. Carry out the provisions of the constitution
  3. Oversee all committee activity
  4. Reserve rooms for various events and meetings
  5. Be ready to consult any member or officer regarding the club
  6. Insure an easy transition from year to year
  7. Petition funds for club
Vice President
  1. Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence
  2. Perform any duties delegated to him/her given by the President
  3. Distributing and collecting a member sign in sheet at each meeting to be given to the Secretary to put in the minutes
  4. Run meetings smoothly and keep meetings on a timely schedule
  5. Officer contact information and availability
  6. Running elections for the upcoming year at the last meeting of each spring semester
  1. Keep accurate minutes of all meetings
  2. Act as correspondence clerk
  3. Type up and distribute agendas for all meetings
  4. Diligently responding to and forwarding emails from the club email account
  5. Organize and maintain club email account
  1. Handle funds and finances for club
  2. Keep financial records and collect dues and fees
  3. Pay bills and release funds as voted upon by the general membership
  4. Make financial reports when called upon to do so by the general membership
Inter-Club Council Representative
  1. Attend ALL ICC meetings
  2. Report the results of ICC meetings to the organization
Academic Chair
  1. Bulletin board updates in corridor 402
  2. Seek internships and scholarships for club members
  3. Formalizing internships and scholarships with on campus and off campus agencies
  4. Knowledge of student academic success support programs
  5. Providing campus tours to club members
Social Chair 
  1. Creating events for members
  2. Creating flyers for any club social events
  3. Maintain club social media
  4. Club socializing on campus and off campus
 Alumni Chair 
  1. Maintain contact with previous club members
  2. Find current status of previous club member’s careers/education
  3. Schedule alumni to revisit and guest speak to current club members



  • Day at the Alameda County Sheriff 's Department Police Academy
  • Tour of Santa Rita Jail
  • Tour of the Alameda County Sheriff 's Department - Criminalistics Laboratory
  • Prison Tours to California State Prison, San Quentin
  • Prison Tours to California State Prison, Solano
  • Trip to Contra Costa County Superior Court to meet with the Honorable Judge Lois Haight and John Laettner
  • Multiple presentations by Federal Agent Laura Nielson, former Team Lead for the FBI-San Francisco Evidence Response Team (ERT)
  • Presentation by former California Attorney General Bill Lockyer
  • Presentation by Professor Kathleen Cleaver, former communications secretary for the Black Panther Party
  • National Voter Registration Day annual Democracy Preparedness Drill -"Stop, Drop & Register"
  • Presentation by Steve Phillips, keynote speaker for the Law and Democracy Lecture series and author of "Brown is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority"
  • Black History Month Film  Festival
  • Multiple workshops by Alameda County Sheriff 's Department on law enforcement recruitment, hiring practices, and the background investigations
  • Multiple presentations by Retired FBI Agent Charles Johnson and former Hercules Police Chief Fred  Deltorchio on Policing Reform, Community, and Ethical Leadership
  • Multiple Presentations by Lead Gang Investigator Officer Paul Medina of California State Prison, Solano
  • Multiple Presentations by Solano County Public Defender  Sal  Giambona
  • Multiple Presentations by Department of Homeland Security Federal Agent Jason Mackey
  • Multiple Presentations by mediation  expert Mattie Roberts
  • Multiple Presentations by Hayward Police Department SWAT member Chris McGiboney
  • Presentation by Contra Costa County Sheriff Deputy Alex Zonio
  • Presentation by James O'Neal, Executive Director of Legal Outreach,
  • Interactive shooter training with Hayward Police Department
  • Presentation by the Alameda County Coroner's Bureau
  • Presentation by the UC Berkeley Restorative Justice Center
  • Multiple Presentations by former Alameda County Probation Officer Tamara Scott
  • Participation in URBAN SHIELD

Supported the "Uncovering Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence: A Community Conversation"

Fun Fact:

The Law and Justice Club is committed to enhancing the experience of all students in our program. Currently, the Club has more than 250 members and regularly accepts new members. The Club assists the Administration of Justice Department with organizing field-trips, guest speakers, workshops, and new programs and initiatives such as the Forensics initiative, Pathway to Law School, Paralegal Studies Certificate Program and Internship Program.



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