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Credit by Examination

Chabot College supports the general proposition that the full value of classroom learning experiences cannot be measured by any examination. Students who have achieved elsewhere an equivalent knowledge, understanding and experience to that required by regular college courses may receive units of credit based on successful completion of a comprehensive and searching course examination administered by the College. Standardized examinations may be used in specified "licensure" programs and to determine the appropriate placement of students in a field of study. The student receiving credit must be registered at the College, in good academic standing and have paid all applicable fees and/or tuition. The courses for which credit is allowed must be listed in the Chabot College catalog. The amount of credit to be granted cannot be greater than that listed for the course in the catalog. Credit by examination is offered under the provisions of the California Administrative Code, Title 5.

Comprehensive Examination Administered by the College

  1. Eligibility - Any student applying for credit by examination will be expected to have had extensive experiences which have prepared the person in the subject matter and for which the individual can provide acceptable evidence of those experiences at the time of application.
  2. Application and Administration - A petition for completing a course through credit by examination must be approved by the appropriate instructor, division dean, and the Vice President of Academic Services. Applicable fees and/or tuition must be paid at the Office of Admissions & Records. Arrangements for completing the examination and the actual administration will be made between the student and the instructor after the petition is approved. The examination itself may take any appropriate form such as written, oral, demonstration or a combination of methods.
  3. Awarding of Credit - Upon completion of the examination, the administering instructor will verify the course and number of units to be received and will assign an appropriate grade. Where the student does not achieve a grade of "C" or better, he or she will be expected to complete the course in the usual manner.
  4. The Director of Admissions & Records, or designee, will annotate the student's transcript to indicate that the credit was granted for the course in question by examination. This credit by examination coursework may not be counted as part of the 12-unit residency requirement necessary for graduation from Chabot College.
  5. Limitations - Credit cannot be given for a course which is comparable to a course already credited on the student's secondary school transcript although an examination in such a course may be given to determine the level of achievement and the appropriate placement of the student in the field of study. The amount of credit which may be earned and counted toward graduation at Chabot College is normally limited to 10 semester units. Under certain circumstances, advanced placement credit may be awarded to a diploma graduate in nursing which may include up to 30 semester units (one year) of academic credit.
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