Questions to Ask University Representatives

Use these questions as a guide when preparing to meet with a university representative:


  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Introduce yourself and the anticipated transfer term to the representative.


Academics and Admissions:

  • What majors do you offer?
  • I’m thinking about majoring in … Does your college offer this major?
  • Is this major competitive… Are there special admissions requirements?
  • Can I change my major after I am admitted?
  • Are you on a semester or quarter system?

Resources and Services

  • Is there a Veteran’s Office? When should I contact them?
  • Do you have a Disabled Students Center on campus?  Do you have the number or email of that Center so I can contact them for specific questions?
  • Is there on-campus daycare for students with children?

Cost and Financial Aid

  • How much does it cost to attend your college?
  • Do you offer financial aid? What does it help pay for?
  • Do you have sample financial aid award packages I can view to better understand how this works?
  • When should I apply for financial aid?
  • Do you have scholarships for transfer students… Is it a separate application process?



  • Is there guaranteed on-campus housing for transfer students?
  • Do you provide family housing?
  • How much does it cost? When should I apply for housing?
  • How do I look for off-campus housing?

Campus Life & Community

  • Will I need a car to get around?
  • I am very interested in …. Do you have this at your campus?
  • What is the environment like on campus and in the surrounding area?
  • What is the food like on campus?
  • What is the biggest complaint from current students?


  • Do you offer campus tours or open houses?
  • Can I take courses at your college as a visiting student?
  • Do you have on-campus information sessions or On-the-Spot Admission days?
  • Is there an admissions counselor who comes to Chabot for appointments with students?
  • Can I contact you if I have more questions?



Contact Transfer Counselor/Instructor Frances Fon at