Name: Title:
Arturo  Lopez Yanez Instructor, American Sign Language
Abdul  Nasiri Adjunct Math Instructor
Adolph  Oliver Math Instructor
Adrian Huang Instructor, Architecture
Adrienne  Calomino Adjunct Math Instructor
Adrienne Hodsdon Staff
Agnello Braganza Biology Instructor
Albert Chan English Instructor
Aldrian Estepa Instructor, Psychology
Alisa Yungerman Instructor, English
Allan Graves Instructor, Entrepreneurship
Allison Golde Instructor, Computer Application Systems
Amanda Pisani
Amber  Hatter Instructor, Real Estate
Ameena Saeed Instructor, Anthropology/Sociology
Amparo Ramos Instructor, ESL
Amy Hamblin Instructor, Political Science
Amy Mattern Dean, Academic Pathways and Student Success
Amy  Raymond Adjunct Instructor, Art History, Religious Studies,
Anamarie Navarro Instructional Assistant, Learning Connection
Andreas Mueller Adjunct Instructor
Andrew Pierson Instructor, Psychology
Andrew Wells Chemistry Instructor
Andrew Wise Adjunct Math Instructor
Angela Blair ESL Instructor
Angela Castellanos Curriculm And Scheduling Specialist
Angie Magallon English Instructor
Anita Wah Math Instructor
Anne Brichacek Instructor, Computer Application Systems
Anthony Meixner Adjunct Instructor, English
Antonio Gonzalez Instructor, Math
Anu Sharma Chemistry Instructor
April Garcia Instructor, Psychology
Arnold Paguio Director of Student Life
Art Barboza EOPS/Coordinator of Striving Black Brothers Coalition/
Arthur Gallardo Staff
Arthur Storch Instructor, Music - Percussion, Drumset, percussion ensemble
Ashley Long Faculty, Machine Tool Technology
Aubrie  Ross Sr. Administrative Assistant, Office of Development and the Foundation
Barbara Ogman Instructor, Early Childhood Development
Barbara Transue Instructor, English
Barbara Worthington English Instructor
BegoƱa Cirera Perez Faculty, Nutrition & Health
Bella Witt Vice President's Office
Benjamin  Barboza Counselor/Instructor - SSSP -
Beverly Johnson Music Instructor
Billy Delos Santos College Administrative Services Officer
Billy Smith Adjunct Astronomy Instructor
Bionca Sparrow Counselor Assistant II
Blake Lewis Technician I
Blake Whitehead Instructor, Computer Application Systems
Bob Buell Faculty, Fire Technology
Bobbie Pratt Staff
Bonnie Stipe Instructor of Art
Boris Polishchuk Adjunct Math Instructor
Brandon Buckley EMT Program Coordinator
Bret Montana Mass Communications Instructor
Brian Augsburger Counselor/Instructor
Brian Beard Staff
Briana Adams Adjunct Instructor
Briana Gonzalez Financial Aid Advisor I,
Brittney  Harrison Senior Instructional Assistant, Engineering
Bruce Mayer Engineering Instructor
Calvin Rouse Adjunct Math Instructor
Caren Parrish Instructor, French
Carlos Enriquez Microbiology Instructor
Carmen Johnston Instructor, English
Carol Conway Adjunct Math Instructor
Carolyn Arnold Coordinator, Institutional Research
Catherine Brewer Instructor, Communication Studies
Catherine Gentiluomo Administrative Assistant for Nursing Program
Catherine Gentiluomo Administrative Assistant
Catherine Pinkas Faculty, Business
Catherine Powell Administrative Assistant
Cesar  Blanco ITS/CC Computer Support
Chad Mark Glen Mass Communications Professor
Char Perlas Dean Science and Mathematics
Charlene Wieser Math Instructor
Charles Gebhardt Adjunct Counselor
Charles Johnnson
Charlotte Lofft Nursing Instructor
Chasity  Whiteside Executive Assistant to Vice President
Cheri Calcagno Health Instructor
Cherise  Martinez-Mcbride Instructor, English
Cheryl Mackey
Cheryl Sannebeck Sr. Administrative Assistant
Chilopie Millington Counselor Assistant II
Christina Mendoza Instructor, Sociology
Christina MilnerRose Instructor, Anthropology
Christine Coreno Math Instructor
Christine Gillis Nursing Instructor
Christine Santiago, M.S. Counselor-Professor & Transfer Program Coordinator, Psychology-Counseling
Christine Sibley Librarian -
Christine So Adjunct Instructor, ESL
Christine Warda Instructor, Communication Studies
Christopher Collins Instructor, History
Cindy Hicks English Instructor
Clara McLean English Instructor
Clayton Thiel Art Instructor
Connie Gerton Skills Lab Coordinator
Connie Telles Nursing Program Director
Conrad Wilgus Adjunct Math Instructor
Cristina Moon Spanish Language Instructor
Crystal Domire
Cynthia Brannvall Adjunct Instructor, Art History
Cynthia Stubblebine Math Instructor
Dainhyun Yoo Instructor, Business
Dale Wagoner Interim VP
Dalila Tostado Gonzalez
Damien  Taylor A & R Assistant II
Damon Garcia Adjunct Counselor
Dan Alex Adjunct Biology Instructor
Dan Miller Athletic Trainer, Instructor.
Dan Raveica Faculty, Welding Technology
Dangthu (Danielle) Ta Adjunct Math Instructor
Daniel Quigley Instructor, Engineering
Danielle Maze English Instructor
Danny Calcagno Head Football Coach/PE Instructor
Dara Greene Counselor/Instructor
Darvin Wilson Instructor, English (PACE)
Daryl Crew Math Instructor
Daryl  Fabian ITS/CC Computer Support/AV
Dave Andrew
Dave Fouquet Math Instructor
Dave Sullivan English Instructor
David Casini Instructor, Electronic Systems Technology & CAS
David  Espinoza Instructor, Automotive Technology
David Faulkner Adjunct Instructor
David Hertz Photography Instructor
David Van Brasch Instructor, Automotive Technology
Debbie Green Adjunct Counselor
Debbie Kuita Staff
Debbie Mejia ESL Instructor
Deborah Buti Librarian
Debra Caldwell Biology Instructor
Debra Kling Administrative Assistant
Debra Lovendusky Part-time Administrative Assistant II
Dennis Knights Adjunct Math Instructor
Denny Aye Men's Basketball Head Coach/PE Instructor
Deonne Kunkel Dean of Arts and Humanities
Derek Krause Instructor, Fire Technology
Desmond Chun Computer Science Instructor
Desre Anderes Instructor, Geography
Dhruv Joshi Adjunct Chemistry Instructor
Diana McGregor Adjunct Instructor, Early Childhood Development
Diane Chang Interim Director, Student Success
Diane Zuliani Art History Instructor
Dmitriy Kalyagin Faculty, Business
Dolly Balangitao International Student Admissions Coordinator
Don  Fuller ITS/CC Computer Support/AV
Don Kennelly Music Instructor
Donald Plondke Instructor, Geography
Donna Gibson Chemistry Instructor
Donna Orviss Instructor
Doris Hanhan Math Instructor
Dov Hassan Theater Arts Instructor
Drew Burgess Instructor, Art History
Earnest Knox Staff
Edna Danaher Student Records Evaluator - Evaluations, General Ed & IGETC Certification
Edna Rodriggs Adjunct ECD
Egl Batchelor Math Instructor
Elinor Velasquez Instructor
Elizabeth Alfonso Instructor, Spanish
Elizabeth Grant Sociology Instructor
Ella Vilche Instructor
Ellie Hoffman English Instructor
Emily  Chan CalWORKs Counseling Assitant II
Emmanuel Lopez
Eric Niderost Instructor, History
Eric Schultz Music Technology
Eric Treanor Adjunct Instructor, English
Erik Zell Instructor, Communication Studies
Eugene Ionel Math Instructor
Farah Mofidi Nursing Instructor
Farin  Young Outreach Specialist
Fernando Padilla Staff
Frances Fon Counselor/Instructor - Transfer Center -
Francisco Zermeno Spanish Language Instructor
Gabriel  Chaparro STEM Center Equity Director -
Garrett  Centoni Instructor, Fire Technology
Gene Hale Stage Technician
Gina Owyoung Instructional Assistant Learning Skills
Glenn Richman Instructor, Music
Gordon  Watt ITS/CC Computer Support
Greg Kubicki Head Men's & Women's Swiming Coach, Head Women's Water Polo Coach, PE instructor
Gus Vouchilas Interior Design Instructor
Gustavo Arroyo OFFICER
Halakilangi Muagututi'a Physical Education & Assistant Football Coach
Hans Peeters Adjunct Instructor
Harjot Sawhney Chemistry Instructor
Heather Hernandez Library Services Specialist
Henny Chen Adjunct Instructor, World Language/Chinese,
Hilal Ozdemir Instructor, Early Childhood Development
Hisako Hintz ESL Instructor
Homeira Foth English Instructor
Hung Dinh Adjunct Math Instructor
Hyman Robinson Instructor, Sociology
Indrani Chaudhuri Math Instructor
Ingrid Hufgard ESL/English Instructor
Irene Plunkett Instructor, English
Iriarte Michelle EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs Counselor Assistant
Isabel Yow A & R Asst. II - Holds/Extensions, 3rd Party Billings, Student Account Receivables
Jacob Adams Instructor Of History
Jaime Flores Instructor, History/Economics
James Hsu Adjunct Math Instructor
James Mitchell Photography Instructor
James  Passadore Instructor, Fire Technology
James Ruggiero Adjunct Anatomy Instructor
Jamilya Ukudeeva Instructor
Jan Novak Faculty, Business
Jane Wolford History Instructor/Learning Connection Coordinator
Jane Wong (Degree: EDD, MBA, BS, AA) Instructor, Computer Application Systems
Janet French-Rafael Spanish Language Instructor
Janice Golojuch Drawing Professor
Janice Mcomber Adjunct Chemistry Instructor
Jas Bhangal Faculty, Business
Jason Ames Professor, Communication Studies
Jay Mumford Faculty, Real Estate
Jean Gener Chem Lab Technician IV
Jean Lee Student Records Evaluator
Jeanette Green Instructor, Anatomy
Jeanine Grillo Adjunct Faculty
Jeanne Wilson Dean
Jeannie Stokes Cobb Adjunct Instructor, English
Jeff Drouin Athletic Director & Kinesiology Instructor
Jeff  Urnes Instructor, Fire Technology
Jeff Zittrain Humanities Instructor
Jeff  Zolfarelli Instructor, Fire Technology
Jeffrey Tsao Instructor, Biology
Jennifer Lange Biology Instructor
Jerome Manos Athletic Counselor
Jerry Egusa Learning Skills Instructor
Jessica Gallucci Instructor, Political Science
Jim Baum Faculty, Automotive Technology
Jim Matthews Library Coordinator
Joe Berland Math Instructor
Joel Mullennix Theater Arts Instructor
John Fisher Instructor, Machine Tool Technology
John Fortuna Instructor, Political Science
John Komisar Art Instructor
John McInnis Fire Technology Coordinator, EMT program
John McPartland Instructor, Fire Technology
John Polos ESL Instructor
John Sayer Adjunct Math Instructor
John  Torres Instructor, Fire Technology
John  Whiting Instructor, Fire Technology
John Yasaki ITS/CC Computer Support
Jon Palacio Director Of Jazz Studies
Jonathan Amons Staff
Jonathan Traugott Computer Science Instructor
Jordan  Jurich-Weston Instructor, Photography and Digital Media
Jose Alegre Math & Physics Instructor
Jose Lopez Athletics Technician
Joshua Telles Instructor
Juan Pablo Mercado Instructor, History
Juana Martinez-Rodriguez Adjunct Microbiology Instructor
Judith Brooks Instructor, Real Estate
Judy Vetters Community Education Specialist
Judy Wright A & R Asst. III - Faculty Services, Attendance Accounting
Judy (Judithann) O'Toole Faculty Emeritus, Computer Application Systems
Julie Machado Counselor, PACE Program
Julie Segedy English Instructor
Juztino Panella Counselor, Instructor
Karen Cook
Karen Knowles Staff
Karen Metcalf Instructional Assistant II
Kari McAllister Theater Manager
Katherine Tollefsen Help Desk
Kathleen Allen Counselor/Instructor DSPS Coordinator
Kathryn Linzmeyer Director
Katie Hern English Instructor
Katie Messina
Katrin Field Assessment Specialist
Keary Kensinger Humanities/Philosophy Instructor
Keith Mehl Computer Science Instructor
Kelly Meadow Librarian, Sabbatical Leave Replacement
Ken Gleason Instructor, History
Ken Grace Instructor, Physical Education, Kinesiology & Health
Ken Williams Instructor, Economics
Kent Uchiyama ESL Instructor
Kevin Muller Instructor, Art History
Kim  Cao Sr. Administrative Assistant
Kim Cristobal Nursing Instructor
Kim Mendenhall Art Instructor
Kim Morrison Librarian
Kimberlee Hunter Instructor, Communication Studies
Kimberly Bononcini Administrative Assistant
Kirsten Olson Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology
Kirti Reddy Administrative Assistant
Klaus  Zalinskis Instructor, Fire Technology
Kristin Land English Instructor
Kristin Lima
Kurt Shadbolt Faculty, Automotive Tech/BMW
Kyle Ishibashi Math Faculty
Laura Coronado Adjunct Biological Sciences Instructor
Laura J. Alarcon Counselor/Instructor
Laureen Dutra Student Services Specialist II
Laurie Dockter Chemistry Instructor
Lawrence  Tehero Instructor, Automotive Technology
Len Cook Instructor, Photography
Lenny Ott Music Instructor
Lester Abesamis Instructor, Philosophy, Religious Studies
Lin Zuidema Staff
Linda Amayo-Hassan Theater Arts Instructor
Linda Barde Instructor, ECD/Rehb/Psy
Linda Buelna Counselor Assistant II, Puente Project
Linda Cline Instructor, Computer Application Systems
Linda Emanuele Staff
Linda Olivenbaum Staff
Linda Phan Counselor, Instructor PSCN, VAA advisor
Linda Reinosa Instructor, Computer Application Systems
Linda Rhodes Instructor, Film
Linnea Wahamaki ESL Instructor
Lisa Carlsen Instructional Assistant Learning Skills
Lisa Ikeda ESL Instructor
Lisa Lindert
Lisa Ulibarri English Faculty / Instructional Designer,
Liz Oteyza Administrative Assistant
Lora Bongard A&R Asst.II - Enrollment Verifications, Academic/Progress Dismissals, DSCR & EOPS Liaison
Luc Desmedt Adjunct Math Instructor
Lynn Klein Faculty, Business
Madelyn Blair Administrative Assistant
Magda Ali Staff
Maggie Grimes Student Records Evaluator
Maguerite Thomas Academic Services Specialist II
Majlesi Reza Adjunct Physiology Instructor
Manny  Kang Adjunct Computer Science instructor
Marcia Corcoran Dean
Marcia Kolb Math Instructor
Margaret Schumacher Chemistry Instructor
Margo Hall-Callendar Theater Arts Instructor
Maria Casillas Dental Lab Assistant
Maria Ochoa Executive Director Office of Development and the Foundation
Maria Rodriguez-Larrain Director, MESA/TRIO-STEM
Marianna Matthews Adjunct Instructor, English
Marie Lappin Staff
Mario Orozco Health Science Admission Specialist
Maritez Apigo ESL and English Instructor
Mark  Bennett Instructor, Fire Technology
Mark Kamakea Adjunct Biology Instructor
Mark Salinas History and Sociology Instructor
Mark Schaeffer Instructor, Digital Media
Mark Stephens Instructor, History
Mark  Wagner Art Teacher
Mary Bueno Instructor, Spanish
Mary Dermody Instructor, Business & Computer Application Systems
Mary Love Instructional Assistant, STEM Center
Mary Lundberg English Instructor
Mary Pastore Instructor, Physical Education
Matt Davis Math Instructor
Matt De Verdi Adjunct Instructor: Geography/PACE
Matt  Kritscher Vice President
Matthew Hart Adjunct Instructor, English
Maya Sen Instructor, Psychology
Megan Parker Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist
Meili (Lily) Xu Adjunct Biological Sciences Instructor
Melissa  Patterson Instructor, Business,
Michael Absher Faculty, Machine Tool Technology
Michael Booker Staff
Michael Hodsdon English Instructor
Michael Langdon English Instructor
Michael  Seaton ITS/CC Computer Support/AV Supervisor
Michael Thompson Instructor, History
Michael (Blake) Tolbert English Instructor
Michelle Sherry Instructor, Early Childhood Development
Michelle St. Germaine Assistant Director-CA Early Childhood Mentor Program
Michelle Webber
Miguel Colon Instructor, Entrepreneurship
Mike Lai Counselor/Instructor
Mike Sherburne Faculty, Automotive Tech/BMW
Ming-Lun Ho Mathematics/Statistics Faculty
Minta Winsor Web Services Coordinator, Online Learning & Blackboard Support
Miranda Braselton Adjunct Instructor, Math
Mirelle Giovanola Instructor, Anthropology
Mohinder Bhatia Adjunct Chemistry Instructor
Mon Khat Instructor, Computer Application Systems (CAS)
Monica Munger Instructor, Learning Skills
Monica Olmedo
Na Liu Research Analyst
Najla Abrao Instructor
Nakisha Thompson
Nancy Casqueiro Instructor, Anthropology
Nancy Cheung Program Director & Instructor, Dental Hygiene.
Nancy Cowan Nursing Director
Nanette Aldana Switchboard
Nanette Dadzie Sign Language Instructor
Natalia Ades Instructor, ESL
Nataliya Gavryshova Adjunct Math Instructor
Nathaniel Rice Alternate Media Technology Specialist, DSPS/
Nazjit Bhangal Instructor, Business
Neeta Sharma Adjunct Chemistry Instructor
Nicholas Alexander Physics Instructor
Nidia Sanchez-Rico
Noel Benkman Music Instructor
Noell Adams System Coordinator, Audit/SEP
Norberto Ruiz Faculty, Business
Norma  Jean Hunting Instructor, Business
Norman Buchwald Librarian
Noureddine Lalami Instructor, Business
Pam Shen English Instructor
Pamela Han Staff
Patricia Molina Counselor/Instructor
Patricia Shannon Humanities Instructor
Patricia Wu Biology Instructor
Patrise Diaz CalWORKs Counselor
Patti Keeling Instructor, Communication Studies
Paul Chu Architecture Instructor
Paul Maclennan Librarian
Paul Smith Adjunct Faculty, Engineering
Paulette Lino Director, PDSO, FERPA Officer
Pedro Reynoso
Penny Wilkins Instructor, Business
Peter Lee Student Records Evaluator
Peter Thuesen Instructor Machine Tool Technology
Philomena Franco Fiscal Coordinator, Special Programs and Grants
R F Student Services
Rachael Tupper-Eoff Senior Administrative Assistant, Learning Connection
Rachel Aziminia Counselor
Rachel Lepell Theater Arts Instructor
Rae Ann Ianniello Instructor, Communication Studies
RaeAnn  Ianniello Instructor, Business
Ramona Silver Philosophy, Humanities, Religious Studies, English
Rani Nijjar Instructor, Psychology
Rebecca Otto Biology Instructor
Remi Ramos Financial Aid Advisor II
Renato Ramento Typist Clerk
Rhonda Westmoreland Instructor-Nursing
Richard  Brown Instructor, Fire Technology
Richard Cartwright English Instructor
Richard Dinwiddie Music/Religious Studies Instructor
Richard Keeney DSPS Counselor Assistant
Richard Williams DSPS Staff
Rick Flores Music Instructor
Rick Flynn English Instructor
Rick Moniz Instructor, History
Rick Morris Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
Ricky  Hurtado Instructor, Fire Technology
Rob Leadbeater
Robert Cattolica Instructor, Biology,
Robert Nakamoto Director, Student Equity & Success
Robert Yest Instructor
Roger  Plasencia Instructor, Welding Technology
Roland Belcher Library Technician
Ronald Decker Lab Tech, Technology Building
Ronald Gerhard Vice President
Ronald  Lorette Adjunct Instructor, English
Rosa Cabrera English Instructor
Rosa Landeros Instructor, Computer Application Systems
Rosalie Woergoetter Staff
Ross Parker Instructor
Rozen Bondoc Student Records Evaluator
Rudolph Cockerham Nursing Instructor
Ryan  Scherbart Instructor, Philosophy, Humanities, Religions Studies
S. Cecilia Matasol Adjunct Counselor
Sabrina Chapman Hunter Instructor, Business
Sadie Ashraf Counselor/Instructor
Samantha Rajaram Instructor
Sandra Estes Staff
Sandra Genera Puente Project Counselor/Instructor
Sandra Raeber-Dorsett Instructor, Business
Sandy  Luong Instructor, Political Science
Sandy Tran Library Technician I
Sara Parker Instructor, Political Science
Scott Hildreth Astronomy & Physics Instructor
Sean Connolly ESL Instructor
Sean McFarland English Instructor
Shanna Erickson Adjunct Math Instructor
Shannon Lee Adjunct Astronomy/Physics Instructor
Shannon Stanley Counselor|Articulation Officer|
Sharron Daniels Staff
Sheila Woods Instructor, English
Shelia Van Staff
Shelly Spratt Instructor, Communication Studies
Sherri Yeager Instructor, History
Shige Kajiwara Math Instructor
Shirley Pejman DSPS Counselor/Instructor
Shoshanna Tenn English Instructor and GSA Advisor
Simon Abramowitsch Instructor, English
Sisley Wong Student Services Specialist III
Skip Esquierdo Art Instructor
Stacey Moore Counseling Assistant
Stacy  Thompson Vice President of
Stanley Hom Instructor, Business
Stefanie  Montouth Counselor Assistant I,
Stephanie Zappa English Instructor
Stephen Small Faculty, Automotive Technology
Stephen Woodhams English Instructor
Steve Friend Head Baseball Coach, PE Instructor
Steve Prziborowski Instructor, Fire Technology
Steve Siroy Head Wrestling Coach, PE Instructor
Steve Stevenson Staff
Sujoy Sarkar Broadcast Cable Technician
Susan  Benz Project Manager
Susan Fiscus Student Services Specialist II
Susan Sperling President
Susan Stanton Adjunct Chemistry Instructor
Susan Tong Instructor, Sociology,
Susanne Altenbach Instructor, Physical Education
Sylvia Ramirez Staff
Talice Dennis Campus Safety & Security Communications Dispatcher
Tami Washington Instructor, Nursing
Tasha  Keeble Adjunct English Instructor
Teresa  Barton Instructor, Business
Teresa Zemla Adjunct Math Instructor
Terri Taylor Adjunct Counselor
Terry Viall Sign Language Instructor
Theresa Patchin Administrative Assistant
Thomas Hugel Library Technician II (Audio-Visual)
Thomas Lothian Instructor, Mass Communications
Thomas Morin Psychology Instructor
Thuylan Rouland Adjunct Math Faculty
Timothy Dave Astronomy & Physics Instructor
Timothy Harris Director Of Instrumental Studies
Tina Smith-Crawford Textbook Purchasing Asst.
TJ Puckett Instructor, English
Todd Johnson English Instructor
Tom DeWit English Instructor
Tommy  Reed Umoja Counselor/Coordinator/Instructor
Tony Igwe Head Men's & Women's Soccer Coach, PE Instructor
Trisha Avila Student Services Specialist II
Vanessa Cormier Teacher Preparation & AmeriCorps Programs Manager
Veronica Enriquez Biology Laboratory Technician IV
Veronica Martinez Instructor, Communication Studies
Victoria Ugaki Senior Instructional Assistant
Volodymyr Gelfand Adjunct Chemistry Instructor
Wanda Wong Faculty, Business
Wayne Phillips Faculty, Electronic Systems Technology & CAS
Wayne Pitcher Chemistry Instructor
Wei-Chin Huang Instructor, Architecture
Weijian Liang Adjunct Math Instructor
William Shannon Music Instructor
Windy Franklin Adjunct Counselor
Wing Cam
Wing Kam Webmaster
Yari Gonzalez Student Services Specialist II
Yesi Moscoso
Yesi Moscoso
Yetunde Osikomaiya Counselor
Yoshiko (Yoko) Clark Japanese Language Instructor
Young Kwang Schwyter Music Technology
Yvette Nahinu Senior Administrative Assistant
Yvette Powell Professional Specialist
Yvonne Craig Director of Grants
Yvonne Vanni, RDA Clinical Assistant, Dental Hygiene
Zack Papachristos Head Golf Coach, PE Intructor
Zakia Isad Instructor, Political Science/Ethnic Studies
Zarir Marawala Biology Instructor