Employee FAQ

Faculty & Staff

How do I get an Outlook email account?
See your division administrative assistant for computer access and form.

How do I reserve a room?
Review process and guidelines on the Facilities Use and Rental website.

What do I do if I lost my keys?
Contact Campus Safety.

What do I do if I lost my parking permit?
Contact Campus Safety.

Can I get an employee discount at the bookstore? 
Yes, if you show your ID, you may have a 20% discounts on most items. May not include books or electronics. Please check with the Bookstore for the most current information.

Where do I get a Chabot employee ID card?
Visit Online Services.

What is the Chabot Security ID card used for?
This card is used for access to the buildings before and after hours. It also allows access to the mailroom in building 200

Who do I talk to about moving heavy stuff around campus?
Check first with the division administrative assistant. A work order can be issued. Just moving heavy items from your car? Call Campus Safety.

Who do I talk to about reserving the Event Center or other facilities on campus?
Review process and guidelines on the Facilities Use and Rental website.

The equipment in the classroom is not working. Who do I call? 
Call the HELP Desk ext 1715. 

Are there separate staff restrooms?
Yes, in some of the older building that have not been remodeled. Staff restrooms are not always marked so check with staff in that building for their locations. 


What do I do if I get a parking ticket? 
Unfortunately, you'll need to pay it. Please make sure your parking pass in your car and visible. Staff is requested to park only in faculty lots.  Although you will not receive a ticket in the student lots with a staff permit, it is unfair to take up the limited student parking when staff parking is available. Review parking guidelines and details.

When do I get paid?
You are paid 12 times a year if you are a 12 month employee. Employees with 9, 10 or 11 month assignments can arrange to be paid over 12 months.  Paychecks are issued on the last day of each month (Friday it the day falls on weekend or holiday). You are paid for time between the 15th through 16th of the next month (30/31 days). Timesheets are due to your administrative assistant on or around the first week of each month. Direct deposit is available check with Payroll at the District Office for forms.
Do we earn sick leave and are we paid for holidays?
Yes, sick leave and vacation times are earned monthly and accumulated. See the Classified Contract for specific rates and if you a new employee.  You can review your sick leave, vacation and holiday time earned on CLASSWEB and/or it is listed on your paystub. Holiday schedule is posted each year.
How often am I reviewed?
For classified professionals, there is a 12-month probation period for the first year. Afterwards, annual evaluations are performed. Annual compensation increases are based on the contract and level your position is assigned. For the first 4 years you have automatic increases, after are cost of living if negotiated in the contract.