Black Excellence Collective 10x10 Taskforce

About Us

The Black Excellence Collective 10x10 has enlisted over 100 volunteer members from across our campus community to support the approximately 2000 Black students at Chabot College. The 2000 Black students will be divided into 10 Villages. Each Village consists of a minimum of 10 members who will work as a team to connect and refer students to services and resources at Chabot. Each Village team will also focus on increasing impact in one of 10 areas of focus identified by Black students, classified professionals, faculty and administrators.

BEC 10x10 Flyer

Contact Us

Brian Augsburger
10x10 Coordinator, EOPS Counselor

Dr. Jamal Cooks
Vice President Academic Services

Christine Herrera
Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of the President

Deonne Kunkel-Wu
Dean of Arts, Media & Communications



Goal #1 - Student Focus: Support 200 Black Students

  • Connect and refer to current resources
  • Decide how many and what types of touch points to make each semester


Goal #2 - Institutional Transformation Focus: Increase Impact for 2000 Black Students

  • Improve college support services
  • Work to improve college policies




Black Excellence Collective 10x10 Task Force presents at the Chancellor's Weekly webinar. Click the link below to view the meeting!

Responding to the Call: Transforming Campus & Classroom Climate


Las Positas, Chabot Colleges Lay Out Plan to Address Racism on Campus - The Independent

"Chabot has about 2,000 black students, who will each be assigned a village on a topic. Some of the topics include health and well-being, graduation, financial literacy, equity in hiring and a Black Cultural Resource Center. Each village includes volunteers, and all spots were filled before the school year began, said Jeanne Wilson, dean of special programs and services at Chabot College."

CCEPG Village Series

Chabot Collaborative for Equity in Professional Growth (CCEPG)
Village Equity Series for 10 x 10 Villages & Chabot Administrators
CCEPG - Professors Carmen Johnston & Kristin Land
About the Series

The sessions in the Village Series are designed to help the 10 x 10 Villages meet the demands of Black students and staff at Chabot College, challenge us to be more conscious and equitable citizens, and give us the tools to rid our college of white supremacy. All village members will attend the 4 required sessions and select at least one additional session.

Required Sessions

  • Community Builder for Whole Group
  • Campus & Community Resources
  • What about Me? Targeted Universalism
  • Working for Black Students (BCRC)

Choice Sessions

  • Building Authentic Relationships across Campus
  • What is White Supremacy Culture? What are the Antidotes?
  • Letting Go & Restoring Relational Trust
  • Anti-racism & Allyship

CCEPG 10 x 10 Administrator Series
Transformative leaders use their positions of power to nurture a campus culture where anti-blackness and all other forms of oppression are not tolerated. Through on-going self-reflection, they recognize when the harmful characteristics of white supremacy culture are at play, and they challenge themselves to consistently apply equity-minded antidotes. In these sessions, we will build a common language and resource bank so that Chabot administrators are empowered to enact and amplify anti-racist, anti-oppressive policies and practices across the campus.