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2011 Results

11/12/11: Football traveled to De Anza College for a chance to take the sole possession of the conference title. The game started off a bit flat for the Gladiator offense in the first half, but managed to get it together in the second half as the outscored the Dons to take the lead and the conference Championship with a score of 31-21. Chabot had 537 total yards of offense by way of 287 yards of rushing and 250 yards of passing. The defense held the Dons to only 197 yards of total offense.

Congratulations to Chabot Football in winning the conference Championship and ending the season 9-1. (5-0) in conference.

Chabot football will play American River College (10-0) in the Capital City Bowl game in Sacramento (American River College) @ 2pm.

11/5/11: West Hills- Chabot won 46-22

10/29/2011: Football traveled to Los Medanos College for their 3rd conference game and a closer look at a conference championship. Chabot dominated the game and the offense put up 575 yards of total offense by way of 351 rushing and 224 passing. Jonathan Fullbright lead the Gladiators with 150 yards of rushing on 23 carries and a touchdown. Asanti McCrae also had a career high of 109 yards on 11 carries. Brandyn Eckhart lead the passing game with 21 catches on 33 attempts for 224 yards and a touchdown. Wide receiver Casey Jennings had 6 catches for 69 yards. Chabot defense allowed 111 yards of rushing and 241 yards of passing for a total of 352 yards. Defense also had 1 sack and 2 interception for the game.

10/22/2011: Football hosted Merced College for their Homecoming game. The Gladiators started off quick as they scored 2 touchdowns in the first quarter giving them the lead 14-0. Merced, however would make a run and managed to put up 13 points in the 2nd quarter, but Chabot put up 13 points of their own to keep the lead at 14 points at halftime. Second half, the Gladiators only scored 3 points and Merced made it a close game as they scored 14 points. It came down to a defensive stop late in the 4th quarter and only one offensive 1st down to give Chabot the win 30-27. Chabot offense had 183 yards of rushing (Jonathon Fullbright had 26 carries for 132 yards), 199 yards of passing (Brandyn Eckhart went 18 completions for 22 attempts with no interception and 3 touchdowns. Casey Jennings had 7 catches for 91 yards.) Chabot defense gave up 325 yards ( 189 yards of rushing, 136 yards of passing). Tajghi Robertson had an interception for 23 yards, Josh Pride had an interception for 10 yards, and Virginior Loiseau also had an interception for 0 yards.)

10/15/2011: Football traveled to Diablo Valley College for our league opener and a tough game. Chabot Offense played extremely well putting up 182 yards of rushing. Jonathan Fullbright had 132 yards with 3 touchdowns. Chabot's air game produced 123 yards, Brandon Eckhart went 8 for 18 with one touchdown and no interceptions. James Davenport had 3 catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. Chabot had a total offense of 305 yards. Chabot defense held the Vikings to only 277 yards of total offense. 48 yards of rushing and 229 yards of passing. Defense aslo had 2 sacks and 2 interceptions. Chabot wins their league opener 38-24 and are now 5-1 for the season.

10/8/2011: Football traveled to San Jose City College for their last preseason game. The Gladiator defense started where they left off last game only allowing 20 points, 370 total yards, intercepting the ball twice with a touchdown. The Gladiator offense was working like a well oiled machine as they tallied 52 points via 207 yards of rushing with 3 touchdowns, 177 yards of passing and 2 touchdowns giving the offense 384 yards of total offense.

10/1/2011: Football hosted powerhouse College of San Mateo for their toughest preseason game. It was a defensive war as both teams offense could not score. It wasn't until a punt return from the Gladiators erased the deadlock giving Chabot the lead 7-0 in the 1st quarter. CSM answered back with a field goal to cut the lead 7-3. It wasn't until the 3rd quarter when CSM managed to move the ball down field and score, but PAT was missed giving the lead to CSM 9-7. Again back and forth the game went on and the game seemed to be looking good for Chabot as they managed to get inside CSM half. The Gladiators had one last chance to take the lead with a field goal, but the kicker missed it. Their was still time for another chance for the offense, but it was up to the defense to stop CSM and they did. It all came down to Chabot's last offensive possession. Remember, this was a defensive dominated game and the game ended on a pass interception that gave the ball back to CSM to end the game.

9/17/2011: Football hosted College of the Redwoods for their second game of the season. The Gladiators came out hungry and fierce as they trampled the Corsairs 50-13. Chabot's offense tallied 440 yards of rushing with 5 touchdowns and 106 yards of passing with 2 touchdowns giving the Gladiators a total offense of 546 yards. Chabot's Defense allowed only 24 yards of rushing and 177 yards of passing for a total of 201 yards of total offense. Defense also had 4 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and 1 interception.

9/10/2011: Football traveled to West Valley for their season opener and dominated as the cruised to a win 49-6. Chabot tallied 431 yards offense coming by way of 336 rushing yards and 95 yards of passing. The defense held West Valley to only 76 yards of total offense. Defense also had 10 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.

11/13/2010: Football hosted De Anza College for the final season game and a chance to be bowl eligible. The game started with a bang as Brian Mickel scored on the opening kick off to give the Gladiators an early lead, but De Anza would fight back and managed to score 28 unanswered point to give them the win and the conference championship. With this result, Chabot's record is 6-4 and out of a Bowl game.

10/16/2010: Football hosted Diablo Valley College for the league opener and lost 31-45

10/2/2010: Football Traveled to #2 ranked in the state CSM and lost 52-13.

11/14/2009: Football hosted Laney College and a shot at conference champions. The game started off equally matched as both teams scored on their first drives. Chabot had many scoring opportunities and did so only to be called back on penalties committed and some scoring plays. Turnovers also gave Laney an advantage, in which they converted scores. In the end the Gladiators fell to the Eagles 41-20.

11/7/2009: Football Traveled to Cabrillo College for a chance to go 3-1 in league and a chance to win league next week against Laney College. The game was intense as both teams were hungry and determined to win the ball game. Cabrillo struck the first blow scoring a touchdown in the first quarter. At half, the Gladiators found themselves down by 3 points. It was a dog fight, but in the end the Gladiator prevailed winning with a score of 20-17.
Total offense for Chabot 335 yards.

239 rushing yards with 2 TDs

96 yards passing with 1 TD

Total Defense 268 yards allowed

67 rushing yards

201 passing yards with 2 TDs allowed

10/24/2009: football hosted Modesto College in their second conference game. The game was intense and full of energy. Chabot's offense was on their best game scoring 36 points and the defense only allowed 20 points. Tyler Mason had 3 rushing touchdowns while defensive back Shawn Sweet and 2 interception. Overall the Chabot football team outplayed Modesto and evened out their conference record 1-1.

10/17/2009: Football traveled to Merced College for their conference opener. Chabot loses 42-20.

10/10/2009: Football hosted College of the Redwoods in their last non-conference game. Chabot comes into the game well rested from the bye week and hungry for a win. The Gladiators managed a total offense of 387 yards, 229 coming from the ground and 158 from the air. Top rushing leaders for the game were Brandon Thompson with 10 carries for 93 yards and 2 touchdowns. Antoine Young had 11 carries for 93 yards and 3 TD. Tyler Mason carried the ball 12 times for 43 yards and a TD. Top receiving leaders were Nick Blunt with 6 catches for 93 yards and a TD. Tyler Mason had 3 catches for 34 yards. Chabot defense allowed 237 yards, 55 yards rushing and 182 passing. Chabot overall record is 2-3

9/26/2009: Football traveled to Los Altos Hill to face Foothill College. The Gladiators lost 31-0.

9/19/209: Football hosted San Jose City College for another preseaon game and hopes of a win. Chabot played well, but San Jose City ended up winning in overtime with a score of 28-21.

9/19/2009: Football hosted San Jose City College for another pre-season game and hopes of a win. Chabot played well, but San Jose City ended up winning in overtime with a score of 28-21.

9/12/2009: Football hosted College of San Mateo (CSM) for an anticipated pre-season game. Chabot had passion and determination to beat CSM keeping the score close at half. Second half the Gladiators had many opportunities to take the lead, but were plagued with turnovers that gave CSM a chance to capitalize and did. The gladiators lose a heartbreaker with the score 17-40.

9/5/09: Football traveled to West Valley College for their season opener. Chabot has been practicing for about 3 weeks and were very excited to finally face an opponent. The Gladiators came in with fire in their bellies and took it to WVC. Chabot managed to score 56 points with ease and only giving up 13 points. Total offensive yards for Chabot were 442 yards with 154 coming from the ground and 288 from the air. Brandon Thompson managed to carry the ball 10 times for a gain of 56 yards. Bryan Jones carried the ball 6 times for a gain of 44 yards and a touchdown. Thomas Lanto lead the air attack with 17 completion- 30 attempts- 1 interception with a total of 239 yards and 2 touchdowns. Antoine Young added 3 completion- 8 attempts- and zero interceptions for 49 yards and 2 touchdowns. Tyler Mason and Nick Blunt lead in receiving yards with 94 and each scored a TD. Aihie Eghosa also added 5 receptions for 47 yards and a TD. On the defensive end, the Gladiators only allowed a total of 58 yards. Daryl Hughes tallied his first Interception of the year for a gain of 4 yards. Durrell Finch and Brent Turner sacked the QB twice in the game. Chabot defense sacked the QB a total of 8 times for 20 yards loss.