Student Senate of Chabot College Constitution

CLPCCD Board Approved on 1/15/2013


In order to provide for the welfare of the student body in general, to develop and promote the principles of responsible citizenship, to establish an open channel of communication between the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Chabot College and other campuses and universities, and to effect active student participation. In the governance of Chabot College, the Chabot college student body hereby establishes this Constitution of the Student Senate of Chabot College under the authority of the Chabot­ Las Positas Community College District Board of Trustees.

Article 1 ­ Name

The name of this organization shall be the Student Senate of Chabot College, hereafter referred to as SSCC. 

Article 2 ­ Membership

Any registered student of Chabot College shall be entitled to the rights and privileges, and help with the responsibilities, of membership in the Associated Students of Chabot College, hereafter referred to as the ASCC. 

Article 3 ­ The Student Senate

The governing body of SSCC shall consist of one functional unit, named the Student Senate and hereafter referred to as the Senate.

The Senate shall provide the student body with a non­partisan entity to actively represent and pursue goals that would be of benefit to the student body in general.

The Senate shall be responsible for the provision of student representation to the various academic divisions and functional committees of Chabot College.

The Senate shall conduct all regularly scheduled meetings of the Senate in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised. 

Section 1 ­ By-­Laws

The Senate reserves the right to create by­laws.

Approval of by­laws requires a two­thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Senate. 

Section 2­ Referendum

Associated Students of Chabot College (ASCC) have the right to referendum. Any action of the Senate shall be subject to referendum by a petition signed by ten (10) percent of ASCC membership.

Referendum elections must be held within fifteen (15) academic days following submission of the petition unless the Senate acts in compliance with the referendum by a two­thirds (2/3) majority vote.

If a referendum election is held, a majority of ballots cast shall be sufficient to enact the stated intention and petition.

All referendum petitions that are submitted shall contain the signature and school identification number of each ASCC member so recorded.