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Congratulations 2021-2022 Student Senate!!!


Thanks to all the canidates and the voters for participating in this important election.  Thanks to Chabot Votes and Chabot IT Department for their support.


Theresa Pedrosa Photo

Theresa Pedrosa


Student Trustee Chabot- coming soon

Student Trustee Las Positas - coming soon

Vice President of Administration

Stacy Harris Photo

Stacy Harris 


Vice President of Government Relations

Ghazaal Hamid Photo

Ghazaal Hamid


Vice President of Community Relations

Ms Mak Photo

Ms. Mak 


Inter Club Council (ICC) Chair


Layla Liu Photo

Layla Liu


Representative Council

DJ Fernandez Photo

DJ Fernandez

Alberto Mora Photo

Alberto "Beto" Mora

placeholder image Stacy Harris

Jordan Ross

Kloe Yap Photo

Kloe Yap