Nesians Unite

Nesians Unite (NU) began as a student-led club in Fall 2017, with the intent of creating a community for the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (NHPI) populations navigating higher education. The term “Nesians'' refers to the islands that make up Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Through networking, we were able to provide opportunities and resources for mentorship, self-advocacy, and academic success.

Nesians Unite centers NHPI experiences and is working to become a Learning Community at Chabot College. In collaboration with the Asian Pacific Islander Education Association (APIEA) and MOVEMENT Learning Community, we are proud to offer the following services: 

  • Community building opportunities
  • Individual counseling and transfer planning support
  • Network and leadership opportunities
  • NHPI centered curriculum

Our work is guided by the great ‘Epeli Hau’ofa’s words: 

“We should not be defined by the smallness of our islands, but by the greatness of our oceans. We are sea, we are ocean. Oceania is us. We must wake up to this ancient truth and together use it to overturn all hegemonic views that aim ultimately to confine us again, physically and psychologically.   

It is time to create things for ourselves, to create established standards of excellence that match those of our ancestors.”

How to join: 

  1. Complete the Nesians Unite Application 
  2. Amelia Sete, Nesians Unite Outreach Coordinator, will reach out to you with NEXT STEPS 
  3. Attend Nesians Unite Fall/Spring Orientation 


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